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Dance Like There Is No Tomorrow At Your Wedding In These *Gorgeous* Sangeet Outfits

Dance Like There Is No Tomorrow At Your Wedding In These *Gorgeous* Sangeet Outfits

Music, lights, dancing, friends, family and fun- all the ingredients of a typical sangeet function. For the uninitiated, a sangeet is one of the grandest pre-wedding ceremonies, one which entails a day or night of some serious dance moves and groovy music. Needless to say, the bride is the true star of the event, and so it’s only natural that her outfit is the centre of attention. With numerous outfits available for you to pick from, straight from the pattern and the design to the colour scheme and silhouette, you will truly be spoilt for choice once you step out to shop. But before you set out to decide what you are going to be wearing on your sangeet, take a look at all that you need to know about dressing right.

Outfit Types

Variety Of Design Elements

Types Of Colour Palettes

Dress As Per Day & Night Function

Costume Based On Weather

Styling Tricks For A Unique Look

Types of Outfits

The sangeet is one of the major functions that precede your wedding, so it’s only natural that you will want your look to stand out. Whether you are looking for sangeet dresses that are traditional, outfits that are contemporary, or something that is little parts both, there is an array of options to choose from. Depending on your liking and the kind of function you have in mind, here’s the kind of sangeet outfits you could don on your day (or night) of fun, festivity, music and dancing.

Traditional Outfits


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If you are someone who wishes to stay on the traditional side of things, a lehenga is the perfect option for you. Go all out with an overall embroidered or printed lehenga, or opt for placement embroidery, embellishment and motifs- whatever catches your eye. Brocade is also a great option as the fabric looks dressy even if there’s not a lot of work on it.


Literally translating to ‘delicate bud of the pomegranate flower’, the Anarkali suit is said to have found its origin in Pakistan. With its multiple folds which give it a flared and voluminous appearance, an Anarkali is not only elegant and graceful but also a comfortable option when it comes to dressing up for your sangeet.


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A kurta may seem like a choice too simple, but you can always use statement accessories to complete your look. For your ceremony, opt for a heavily embroidered yet elegant attire that does justice to your look. If keeping things a bit simple is what you wish for, pick a delicately embellished number and pair it with straight fit trousers and a quaint stole to round off the look beautifully.


The quintessential 6-yards of fabric is something that will never fail to impress, come what may. Thinking of raiding your mum’s closet for your big day? Go for it! Be it a traditional Banarasi silk saree or a new-age one that spells glamour, a saree is an outfit that will fit in perfectly with your sangeet function.

Contemporary Outfits


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Cocktail gowns are all the rage, so no reason to not delve into the option for your sangeet. From embellished gowns with lace details to delicately printed numbers and stylish silhouettes, there are plenty of options to choose from. Pick a flared, flouncy gown that gives you those fairytale vibes or go for a sleek, shimmery number that best flaunts your curves. Either way, it’s a win-win situation!


Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard of the glam outfit that is the saree-gown. Seen numerous times on the red carpet and fashion runways alike, this is one style you could make way for if a fun, glamorous ceremony is what you have in mind.


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You may find many versions of a sharara. One with wide-legged palazzos and a fitted kurta or the palazzo that fits at the thigh and flares out at the bottom. Shararas are usually paired with a kurta, be it fitted or peplum. Elegant as well as refreshing, the sharara could be your sangeet outfit if you are looking for something distinct.


The word jumpsuit may conjure images of ready-to-wear western outfits in your head, but trust us when we say that there are ethnic and traditional versions out there too. A touch of lace there, a hint of embellishment there, and you will be ready to party at your sangeet in an unconventional attire. An attached dupatta with the jumpsuit is also great for a night of dancing.


Sangeet dresses for the win? Why not! If a cocktail or a cool-chic party is what you have in mind, you could very well opt for a dress for your function. A cape dress, a frilled dress, an elaborate maxi or midi dress could work wonders, depending on the type of function you have in mind.

Types of Design Elements

While you are picking out the ensemble for your big day, don’t forget to take into account the design elements that will make or break your outfit. Need a bit of help to figure it all out? Read on.

Embroidered Outfits

Intricate embroidery is bound to make your outfit look rich. Whether it’s handcrafted embroidery or fancy florals to perk up your look, you can choose between zari or thread embroidery based on what works best for you.


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Embellished Details

Bling is a huge part of festivities in the Indian culture. When it comes to weddings, you have the freedom to go overboard with embellishments. From tiny sequins to statement stones and even swarovski crystals, there’s so much to choose from.

Printed Attires

Delicate florals may top the charts when it comes to picking up printed sangeet dresses for your function but with Chevron stripes, geometrical prints and many others doing the rounds, you will have much to choose from.

Lace Designs

Dainty, delicate and graceful, lace inserts add a certain charm to your outfit. In fact, you could even go with overall lace for your sangeet function. Experiment with colours while looking for intricate patterns that catch your eye.


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Drapes & Frills

Drapes and frills are perfect to add a romantic touch to your sangeet dress. Be it a conventional outfit you are looking for or an unconventional one, drapes can be used in a variety of ways to work to your advantage. Think waist-down gathers, frills, handkerchief hems, multiple layers, panels and more.

Types of Colour Palettes

A good colour scheme is an essential part of any outfit. While deciding on your final look for your sangeet festivities, delve into different colour palettes before picking out what suits your needs.


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Pastel Palettes

Pastels are now extremely in-vogue and a lot of brides are wearing pastel shades for their pre-wedding functions and sometimes even the wedding. Blush pink, dull mauve, lavender, powder blue are some of the shades you could consider for your sangeet night.

Dark Hues

Gone are the days when dark hues were not a favourite with brides. Black, royal blue and burgundy are all the rage and a great pick for the sangeet night. Go on girl, pick what you like!

Earthy Tones

Similar to what the name depicts, beige, brown and earthy shades of green could also be a part of your sangeet outfit. Go all out with monochrome looks that incorporate surface techniques or choose effects such as ombre and colour gradation.


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Bright Colours

Try saying no to a vivid colour that is visible from a distance and is the centre of attention, we dare you. Fuschia pinks, bright reds and sunshine yellow could very well be the colour of your dreams, so go ahead and pick what you find best.

Metallic Accents

Never could anyone say no to metallic accents, and rightly so. Be it a dull or brilliant gold or a silver accent, anything that says metallic is a big win.

What To Wear To A Day and Night Ceremony

The timing of your function plays a crucial part in your outfit. Depending on when the function is, your choice of ensemble would vary too. While a day function calls for bright colours, vivid prints and earthy tones in sangeet dresses, embellishments, metallic accents and embroidered attires have a tendency to work better during the night.  


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Day Ceremony

  • For an outdoor ceremony, opt for bright colours that work best in such settings. You could also opt for pastels depending on your choice of palette.

  • Make sure that you are comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Go for breezy fabrics and subtle work.

  • Play with prints, taking in the time-tested florals, stripes and others instead of heavy embroideries.

Night Ceremony

  • Embellished outfits with all that jazz work well during the night time. In fact, the venue lighting will make your outfit stand out even more! Whether you are planning on an outdoor function or an indoor one, embellishments will save the day.

  • Heavily embroidered ensembles work well for night-time functions.

  • Have a soft corner for dark hues? Flaunt them at night, teamed with accessories of choice.

What To Wear Based on Weather

Summer and winter are the two major seasons that we encounter in our country, with spring and autumn remaining only for a short while. While summer in India is known for its sweltering heat, winters in some areas can be excessively chilly. Keeping in mind these two seasons that are poles apart, we have categorised for you outfits that would work best, based on these seasons.


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You may not be having an outdoor function in the heated realms, but even indoor functions can feel like a pain if you are not dressed right. Since your sangeet function is bound to involve a whole lot of dancing, it’s best to keep tight-fitting clothes at bay. Opt for free-flowing outfits and lighter fabrics that allow you to dance without a care in the world. In terms of design, you can choose from any kind of technique, ranging from embroidery and embellishments to prints and drapes, but make sure that whatever you pick is not too heavy. Placement embroidery or embellishment may do the trick if these elements are what you desire, while an all-over print would do just as well. Since dark hues have a tendency to trap heat, avoid them. Pastels, pristine whites and bright hues could act as alternatives for a winning look.


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Winter calls for immense willpower to brace the chill and the winds that come with the teeth-chattering cold. Thanks to ornately embroidered and draped outfits that carry several folds, you can deal with the chill without resorting to winter woollies. Create layers by donning additional outerwear over your outfit. Heavier fabrics and materials such as velvet are also a welcome respite from the cold, something you may keep in mind while shopping for your final look. Sarees, anarkalis, lehengas and gowns- everything is welcome. You could also choose from cape dresses, layered dresses and other unique options when it comes to selecting your sangeet dresses. Besides full-fledged embroidered looks and draped reveries, you could also go the dark colour route, a major advantage of the season. Replace your flimsy dupattas with stoles and shawls to upgrade your winter look.

Styling Tricks For A Unique Look

-Experiment with your sleeves. Be it cape sleeves or bell-tiered sleeves or an off-shoulder approach, make your outfit go the extra mile with statement sleeves.

-Who said capes were only reserved for superheroes! Don a cape dress on your big day. It’s not just stylish but gives you the freedom to dance carefree.

- If a trendy, sultry look is what you wish for, make the most of it on your sangeet. Pre-draped sarees, indo-western gowns and offbeat blouse styles should be on your wishlist.


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Accessorising Right

  • Add a statement necklace to draw attention to your neckline. From a jeweled choker to a layered necklace, you have plenty of options to choose from.

  • Say yes to ornate hair accessories that not only hold your strands in place but also add a regal touch to your overall look.

  • Bangles or a stack of rings is also a wonderful way to elevate your traditional sangeet look. If you’re going with stylised sleeves, hand accessories will help draw attention to it.

  • Carrying a handbag maybe too much of a hassle, considering you will want to dance the night away. In case you find going sans a bag too tough, opt for a miniature polti bag made from the same fabric as your outfit.

So bride-to-be, are you ready to shop for your sangeet dress?

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This story was updated in January 2019.