5 Things To Do To Beat The Heat As Summer Sets In!

5 Things To Do To Beat The Heat As Summer Sets In!

Summer is setting in, we are all feeling the occasional heat waves during the day. It is getting a little sultry and sticky our there and the temperatures are on the rise mostly. So before the sweltering heat melts us all, here are a few things you can do to keep things cool as the summer sets in.

1. Spend your evenings at the pool

There is nothing better than jumping in a large and usually cool body of water to keep cool. Now we may not all be lucky enough to stay in a beach-laden city or be able to swim in the said ocean even if we do have beaches, pools are available and accessible to us all. So just head on over to the nearest pool a few times a week or over the weekend with friends and cool off in style!


2. Spend a weekend in a cool place

This is the time when all of us are itching to travel. If you are not big on the heat and humidity areas, find pleasant or cool weather places to visit. That way you would explore a new place and ALSO won’t come back super tanned and burnt. WE are all winning here.

3. Enjoy a fun evening with friends on a terrace

Just get a few music instruments or a boombox get your friends along and set up a bar. Stock this bar with chilled Kingfisher Radler, a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage. It’s a 100% natural drink that contains 30% less sugar than carbonated soft drinks. Every sip is a perfect blend of fresh barley malts and natural lemon juice. Just add a lime wedge or orange wedge with loads of ice and enjoy a fun evening with your friends while you cool off with a super cool summer drink to set the mood.

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4. Go to a snow park

A lot of amusement parks offer snow parks and ice skating experiences. While most of us live in a place where we will probably never see snow, that doesn’t mean we should not get relief from the heat and enjoy our time in (fake) snow. Just head on over to an amusement park and get temporary relief. Then come out and grab an orange ice candy or gola.

5. Binge watch and chill

If all else fails and you really just DO NOT want to step out and do things (must admit, somewhere we all are feeling this), then here’s what you do. Cue up your favourite show to watch, switch the AC on, get all cosy and have a “cool” night in. Make some hot chocolate and grab some snacks to sustain your binge watch spree!

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Whatever you decide to do to beat the heat, just know that a can of chilled Kingfisher Radler could be your mate and keep you cool regardless of the temperature outside. This refreshing beverage is the ideal thing that you need to have stocked in your fridge all through the summer.

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