You Won’t Believe What These Aww-Worthy Candid Moments Were Shot On!

You Won’t Believe What These Aww-Worthy Candid Moments Were Shot On!

Today, wedding photographers are no longer just clicking pictures of the couple and their guests at the wedding, they are now equated to storytellers. They weave a story through their pictures and capture not just moments but memories behind those moments. More often than not, the moments that make us shine out are the ones that happen behind the scenes or go un-captured.

Capturing that one quick moment will always be a task, but professional photographers have the new and improved Honor 8x that has their back! Here’s why Honor 8x is the phone of choice and the CAMERA all wedding photographers are loving at the moment.

1. The lightning-fast processor on the Honor 8x ensures it is always ready to capture a super candid BTS moment in a quick second.




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2. Talking about capturing, the Honor 8x comes equipped with dual AI 20MP + 2MP rear camera module with F/1.8 aperture with autofocus to provide amazing quality HD pictures.

 IMG 0368

3. The camera is equipped to adjust to 500 different scenarios, automatically optimising settings to ensure wedding photographers ALWAYS get the best picture.

IMG 0369

4. It adjusts according to the lighting. In the daylight, it gives a colour-popping detailed imagery. If there isn’t adequate light, it uses a multi-frame stabilization technology producing pictures with great detail and colour recall. So even at night, you shine out like the moon and stars! 

 IMG 0372

5. Wedding photographers also like to capture BTS images of themselves and their team in action. With the 10 MP selfie camera, they can capture gorgeous bokeh images in a flash. Honor 8x front camera will always produce a true skin tone picture regardless of the light!

IMG 0371

6. The slow motion feature on the  Honor 8x is a favourite with wedding photographers as they can capture the essence of a moment in a highly detailed slow motion video, not missing a beat.

7. Last but not the least, this new camera companion allows the photographers to share the captures immediately with family and friends, so no more waiting long for the wedding photos, you at least have a bank of teasers to post on Instagram until you have the real deal!

Wedding photographers are vouching for this fabulous new sidekick. If you'd like to capture some amazing wedding shots too, get the Honor 8x exclusively on Amazon.

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