Are You Picking Your Baked Snacks Right? Here Are 5 Ways To Find Out

Are You Picking Your Baked Snacks Right? Here Are 5 Ways To Find Out

Baked Snacks are your best bet when hunger strikes. Not only do they keep you from reaching for unhealthy foods but also help in sustaining a steady metabolic rate all through the day, and that helps you burn what you eat. But that said, it’s critical that you take a good look before picking up a packet (any packet) of a Lite Chiwda or Diet Bhel or any other baked snack that you might think is healthy. Always double-check whether it is really a ‘lite’ snack or is it just paying lip service?

Here are 5 ways to know if the snack you’ve just picked up is ‘truly’ baked, healthy and wholesome - and ‘better for you’:

‘Hottest’ Process of Manufacturing Snacks

Did you know, the actual secret lies in their manufacturing technique. To deep-fry starchy foods, oil needs to be heated to extremely high temperatures, which in turn leads to oxidation. Regular intake of oxidized oils can cause a bunch of health problems. On the contrary, baking requires little or no oil. When a snack is exposed to high heat in an oven there is no question of oxidation. A baked snack will have 20-30% less fat content as compared to any fried or Lite snack.

Before you Indulge, Read The Label Right

By all means judge a snack by its cover, but only by the back cover. Flip the packet over and read the fine print at the back before buying any snack. A healthy baked snack will clearly list all ingredients that make it healthy - like the type of oil used, and presence of grains, nuts and seeds. It must also mention whole grains as key component, instead of refined flour.

Are You Picking Your Baked Snacks Right  Here Are 5 Ways To Find Out 2

Touch and Tell…Baked = No Mess, No Fuss!

The moment you hold a snack, you can tell if it is baked or fried. Try shaking hands while eating a fried snack and you will know what I mean. The greasy or sticky layer of oil left on your hands is perhaps the biggest (and easiest) telltale of a fried snack. A truly baked snack saves you the embarrassment of having to ‘discreetly’ wipe your hands. No grease, no mess makes real baked snacks the perfect accompaniment of the modern age discerning consumers - that means you!

Dig In, Guilt Free!

Switching from deep fried foods to baked foods is the easiest and palate-friendly way to  control calorie intake. A pack of baked snacks is any day less calorific when compared to a similar quantity pack of fried snacks. Each tablespoon of oil adds 120 calories and 14 grams of fat to your food. Since, deep frying must be done at high temperatures the use of healthy monounsaturated fats such as olive oil stands eliminated.

Are You Picking Your Baked Snacks Right  Here Are 5 Ways To Find Out 1

Extra Bonus - As Yummy As It Gets

The bonus is that goodness of baking effectively translates into enhanced flavours too. That is because exposure to high heat during baking drains out all moisture and enhances the taste quotient of the snack. So instead of cringing at the sight of a baked snack… pause instead… and smile, because contrary to popular belief baked snacks have much more flavour and taste delicious.  

The fact is that nothing satiates the soul more than guilt-free snacking. Savouring your favourite snacks without compromising your health is a win-win. And now, you know how to really tell a baked snack over a fried one.