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5 Uber Cool POPxo Shop Accessories To GiftThe Boss Lady In Your Life

5 Uber Cool POPxo Shop Accessories To GiftThe Boss Lady In Your Life

This story was updated in January 2019.

Who run the world? Girls! Beyonce said it just right when she awakened the badass woman in you. If you're the one who makes the rules because you're fierce and you know your sh*t right then, you, my friend are a true boss woman. For the self-reliant, smart woman in you, we have something that'll have your undivided attention.

POPxo recently launched funky phone covers, mugs, laptop skins and a whole lot of accessories, tailor-made for every Boss Woman, who's our inspiration. So, for your friend who is independent, strong, and the true definition of a boss lady, we've got some eccentric accessories on POPxo Shop that you can gift her. Read on!

5 Gifts Accessories For Boss Lady

Queen Of PPTs Laptop Skin

Boss woman 1

Does she master at multitasking, excel at making excel sheets, and is a pro at making PPTs? Then we have the perfect laptop skin for the organised, smart woman that your friend is. Check out this Queen Of PPTs laptop skin, perfect for all those women who could make spreadsheets in their sleep.

Price: Rs. 449

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Busy As A Bee Cushion Cover

Boss woman 2

Chasing deadlines? Writing pitches? Making presentations? Damn right she's a Busy Bee! She has no designated lunch time because she's always up and running. For the super occupied woman that she is, this lovely cushion cover is perfect to sit back and relax while also working that article.

Price: Rs. 499

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No Plan, Plan Coasters

Boss woman 3

Is she impulsive yet focused? Up for last-minute challenges? Then she's clearly a boss woman who doesn't always need a plan in place to function. She's impromptu, smart, and can handle any situation as and when it knocks at her door. POPxo Shop's No Plan, Plan coasters are the best for that easygoing girlfriend.

Price: Rs. 399

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No Stopping Me Laptop Sleeve

Boss woman 4

If she's driven, dedicated, and headstrong, then she's unstoppable. There's nothing she cannot do. Full of ideas and energy, she's a powerhouse. For a woman like that, POPxo Shop's No Stopping Me laptop sleeve is the ideal gift.

Price: Rs. 999

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Say No To Bitching Coffee Mug

 5 Coffee Mug- Say No To Bitching

She loves conversations over a cup of coffee but refrains from gossiping and bitching? She's the mature woman who is above petty back-biting and baseless grapevines. For this smart woman, get this Say No To Bitching coffee mug.

Price: Rs. 499

POPxo Recommends: Say No To Bitching Coffee Mug

 Tempted yet to get the entire collection? Listen to that voice inside your head and do it. We guarantee you won't regret it.

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