7 Things You Didn't Realise Your Anxiety Was Making You Do

7 Things You Didn't Realise Your Anxiety Was Making You Do

Having anxiety often makes you do things or avoid things that, over time, become a habit. Mannerisms that don't make sense but find a way to seep into your life. But having a mental illness should not stop you from leading an awesome life, you can always become self-aware and find a way around these tiny uncomfortable situations! 

1. Overthinking Small Decisions 

You overthink tiny decisions, like what to wear or even if your lipstick's shade makes you stand out a bit too much. Things that probably won't matter to others, stay in your mind all day long. 

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01 things you do because of anxiety

2. Constantly Fidgeting 

Fidget cube is your best friend when you suffer from anxiety. Because you often find it had to focus and need to fidget with something to bring everything back into the light.  

3. Confirming Plans 

It might not be intentional, but you develop a habit of confirming the time and place of where you're supposed to meet someone, again and again. Often arriving earlier than necessary, all because it was making you uncomfortable and you wanted to asses the venue before your friends arrive. 

03 things you do because of anxiety

4. You Need Alone Time 

It isn't easy for most people to understand why you do this, but you tend to need a time-out. It may happen in the middle of a social gathering or during a movie when you rush to the washroom just because you feel like you can't breathe with too many people around you. And it's okay to feel that way, to take some time for yourself. 

5. Your Patience Runs Low 

You can't wait too long at a restaurant alone or you find yourself getting uncomfortable when your friends are late to pick you up? It doesn't always reflect in anger, but could also just lead to your regular symptoms of anxiety. 

05 things you do because of anxiety

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6. Self-Doubt & Acceptance 

Your anxiety often makes you question yourself, and if people like you. Most people who suffer from anxiety often find themselves having to confirm their partner's affection because it seems like a far-fetched idea due to self-doubt. 

7. Cancel At The End Moment 

It may seem strange but anxiety does make you cancel plans just because you feel 'sick'. The most common excuses are faking a stomach ache or any minor discomfort to get out of a social commitment because you just want to spend some time in bed. 

07 things you do because of anxiety

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