Seduction 101: The Perfect Lingerie According To Your Man's Zodiac!

Seduction 101: The Perfect Lingerie According To Your Man's Zodiac!

Want to know the easiest way to a guy's heart? If you think it's food, it's not it. All you need is sexy lingerie to turn him on and before you know it, he'll be all over you. But there are too many options to choose from. Lace, seamless, padded, push-up, underwired, bralette, etc etc. Well, how about you wear something that you know he will definitely like? There's a way to find that out without asking him.

Here is the perfect lingerie for you to seduce your man according to his zodiac sign. Let his personality traits guide the way to his heart! Ready for the ultimate bra-mitzvah?

1. Aries

1.1 lingerie - red lace bra h m

Passion and excitement are reflected in the colour red, so it’s an obvious choice to represent the Aries man and his lingerie love. Never shying away, this man enjoys new fashion trends whether on himself or his lady.

POPxo Recommends: Red & Powder Pink 2-pack Lace Push-up Bras (Rs 1,499) by H&M.

2. Taurus

2 lingerie - PrettyCat Mauve Lace Underwired Heavily Padded Push-Up Bra

The refined Taurus man has a knack for neutrals and pastel hues like mauve and pale blues. Always 'on top' of the fashion scene, the Taurus man enjoys lingerie on you that is tasteful and of a good quality. That's all it takes to please the Bull.

POPxo Recommends: Mauve Lace Underwired Heavily Padded Push-Up Bra (Rs 649) by PrettyCat.

3. Gemini

3 lingerie - Marks   Spencer Yellow Lace Underwired Lightly Padded T-shirt Bra 0352L

The Gemini’s colour is yellow, so you can count on that if you're into anything but drab, just like him. Regardless of the occasion, the Gemini man will always want to see you in something suitable and comfortable to wear.

POPxo Recommends: Yellow Lace Underwired Lightly Padded T-shirt Bra (Rs 599) by Marks & Spencer.

4. Cancer

4 lingerie - black printed sports bra forever 21

The Cancer man is stylish, but conservative and favours the classic blacks. When it comes to fashion, he’s intuitive in what works and what doesn’t. Remember, the Cancer man is all about sophistication over flash. A classy sports bra will be enough to get his motor running.

POPxo Recommends: High Impact - Sports Bra (Rs 1,049) by Forever 21.

5. Leo

5 lingerie - Lace Overlay Bandeau Bra

Anything that looks regal but not too gaudy either, that's how the Leo man likes to roar. When it comes to the things that dress up your world, he'd want you to be wrapped in the best he can buy for you. How about you surprise him with this lacy little number.

POPxo Recommends: White Lace Overlay Bandeau Bra (Rs 544) by Shein.

6. Virgo

6 lingerie - next Grey Lace Underwired Non Padded Push-Up Bra

Although practical navy blue and conservative greys are favoured colours of the Virgo man, his exceptionally good taste won't shy away from appreciating a stylishly sophisticated lingerie that is not either of these. Remember, he's not into the colour or shape. He's into you. 

POPxo Recommends: Grey Lace Underwired Non-Padded Push-Up Bra (Rs 1,163) by Next.

7. Libra

7 lingerie - Triumph Grey T-shirt Bra 122I086

The Libra man is fortunate to have a good eye for fine art and trendy clothing. He enjoys the luxuries of a stylish watch, diamond ring and fine lingerie. Blue and grey represent sophistication so it’s not unusual to see these colours on the Libra man's wishlist.

POPxo Recommends: Grey T-shirt Bra (Rs 1,699) by Triumph.

8. Scorpio

8 lingerie - hunkemollar Non-Padded Full-Cup Lace Bra

Since Scorpio is considered the sexiest sign of the Zodiac, what colour could be more appropriate to this man than red? He has a knack for lingerie selected to accent your fine physique and natural good looks and something that's distinctive but not garish.

POPxo Recommends: Red Non-Padded Full-Cup Lace Bra (Rs 2,395) by Hunkemoller.

9. Sagittarius

9 lingerie - Underwired Bra with Floral Lace

The colour purple represents artistic creativity, so this hue will be found in the imaginative Sagittarius man’s life. Turquoise is another colour associated with the sign of the Archer. Being a free-spirited intellectual, he's not too particular if you're seamless or slapdash.

POPxo Recommends: Underwired Bra with Floral Lace (Rs 787) by Enamor.

10. Capricorn

10 lingerie - Zivame Brown Solid Non-Wired Lightly Padded T-shirt Bra

True to his earthy, sensible nature, the Capricorn man revolves around the earth colours of dark green and brown. Always conservative, but never out of style, the man remains realistic and won’t squander money on unnecessary, impractical items. Keep it simple and you'll have his heart.

POPxo Recommends: Brown Solid Non-Wired Lightly Padded T-shirt Bra (Rs 779) by Zivame.

11. Aquarius

11 lingerie - Lightly Padded Cotton Bra

The Aquarius man will be on a lookout for everything, but dresses to please himself, not those around him. That's a personality trait he likes to see in his girl too. Although, that in a dark blue colour will be really REALLY nice!

POPxo Recommends: Navy Blue Lightly Padded Cotton Bra (Rs 699) by Ginger.

12. Pisces

12 lingerie - Non-Padded Lace Bra with Adjustable Straps

Represented by fish, the Pisces man will favour turquoise – the colour of the sea. Shades of this colour might be appreciated more than the rest. Go for latest styles, but we hope you don't fall prey to their impractical, impulsive buys. 

POPxo Recommends: Non-Padded Lace Bra with Adjustable Straps (Rs 959) by Candyskin.