14 Reasons Why You Need A Gemini BFF In Your Life

14 Reasons Why You Need A Gemini BFF In Your Life

Wouldn't life be extremely boring if you didn't have anyone to share experiences, life stories and gossip about your crushes with? That's where we all crave the presence of our BFFs. A best friend not only has fun with us but also gives us the best pieces of advice. They make our monotonous lives happening and fill them up with excitement.

And if you're looking for the perfect BFF, it should definitely be a Gemini. Geminis are fun and smart at the same time. They see you through when others think you're through.

Here are 14 reasons why you need a Gemini BFF. Read on! 

1. Their Wit Is Lit

Geminis have a great sense of humour. It may be a little dry or sarcastic but their jokes will always crack you up. You'll always be happy with them and their wit will leave you splits.

1 Gemini BFF

2. Life Of The Party

They are big-time social butterflies. You'll see them shaking a leg on the dance floor and dragging you too. Geminis know how to have fun and party like there's no tomorrow.

3. Extremists Beyond Explanation

They'll love and hate you simultaneously. One minute they want you over and the next they wouldn't open the door for you for hours. Geminis are very moody that way.

4. Lead The Way When The Situation Demands

If you're clueless and want some to lead you the right way, you can count on a Gemini. They love to take charge of the situation when you need them to.

5. Frank AF

If you want an unbiased opinion on how you look wearing that dress? A Gemini is your go-to person for that. They never sugarcoat. They'll let you know if you look sassy or trashy.

5 Gemini BFF

6. Jack-Of-All-Trades

Geminis are generally well aware. They are information seekers and have a solution to most of the problems you throw at them. Also, they're very creative.

7. Most Loyal Of All Friends

If you've known a Gemini, you know that they'd stand by you through thick and thin. They've always got your back and never give up on you even when others around you do.

8. Encouraging And Supportive

They always know exactly what to say to make someone feel better. Their pep talk game is very strong and they always motivate you to do better.

9. Overly Compassionate

Geminis always see both sides of the coin and are great at giving advice that is actually helpful. They are not only caring but also very concerned for you at all times.

10. Great Conversationalists

Geminis are loquacious in every sense of the word. They can talk about anything under the sun. If you don't have anything to say, let them do the talking, it's like their superpower.

10 Gemini BFF

11. Extremely Adventurous

Geminis are always up for something thrilling and crazy. Be it adventure sports, expeditions or night out, they're always game for any plan at any hour.

12. Forever Free-Spirited

If you're trapped in your daily mundane routine, you need a Gemini friend to pull you out of it and seek liberation. They teach you how to live life king size and make the most of it.

13. There Is Never A Dull Moment Around Them

Given how chirpy and bubby Geminis are, they can pull you out of boredom. They will always maintain a sense of wonder and a genuine enthusiasm for life.

14. Anything But Petty

A Gemini will always walk an extra mile to make you smile. They don't mind splurging on friends. With them, there is no way petty things like money are getting in the way of fun.

13 Gemini BFF

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