5 Things We've Learnt From Alex Parish's Hairstyles In Quantico!

5 Things We've Learnt From Alex Parish's Hairstyles In Quantico!

If there's anything that you think of after binge-watching Quantico, it's Priyanka Chopra's hair and makeup! I probably haven't paid as much attention to the plot as I have to her hair. Through seasons 1-3, Pee Cee, a.k.a Alex Parish has given us some major hair goals! Her hair, sometimes between scenes too is always changing. What I really do love is how Alex Parish slays the simplest hair looks with such elegance. Her hairstyles, though ever-changing, are yet timeless. With the teensiest bit of effort, all us commoners too can have a great hair day every day

Here's Alex Parish as we first met her in Season 1 of ABC's Quantico


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A high pony with side bangs is the LOWEST maintenance hairstyle you can have. It never fails you.

Tip 1: You can actually go over 3-4 days without washing your hair and still having it look fab. Just rinse and style your bangs. With a hairstyle like this, you just want to invest in a good round brush to give your bangs that bounce and wave. If you'd like to look like you tried *a little* harder, curl the ends of your hair in the pony to give it a polished look.

Check out this Round Hair Brush Roller Curler (Rs 145)

Diggin that straight hair with a side part


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It's actually one of my most visited hairstyles on days when I'd like to look put together but don't want to think about doing something difficult. All you're going to need is a hair straightener or a hair dryer or even a hair straightening brush. Whatever you have at hand really works. 

Tip 2: If you're using a hair dryer, a paddle brush (Rs 325) makes it SUPER easy to give your hair a naturally straight look. 

If you're using a hair straightener, just part your hair in sections and work on one section at a time. A great hack is to JUST straighten the hair on your crown.

If you're a spoilt little brat and have one of those hair straightening brushes then well, just brush your hair to perfection! The Bronson Professional Simply Straight Hair Brush (Rs 699) is a great budget buy... if you're looking to splurge get the Dafni The Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush (Rs 15,999)  

Messy waves pinned to one side


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Tip 3: A little hairspray, some salt spray and some bobby pins are all you need to create this look. Rock those messy waves girl.

 Trust PC to make my mom's champi braid look this hot!


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All you need is your momma ladies. A little oil wouldn't kill ya either.

Here she is in another season with shorter hair


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 She teased us a little bit claiming to have chopped it all off, it wasn't all that short. If you're looking for a slightly easier to maintain hairstyle without cutting off too much length... hair that's 2-3 inches below your shoulder is perfect.

Tip 4: You can tie up shoulder length hair into a pony or curl it and straighten it and you'll still look feminine and chic. That length of hair gives you numerous styling possibilities. 

Messy waves and sun-kissed highlights 

I live for effortlessly fabulous hair like this. I have naturally wavy hair and I've found myself an amazing curl cream that gives my hair exactly this look.

Tip 5: All you gotta do is brush some curl cream through your hair and give it a good scrunch. Let it air dry and you won't believe how easy it was. The Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream (Rs 2,475) is the product that will give you these effortless waves. 

That subtle balayage tho!

Damn girl, I'm taking this picture to my hairstylist immediately! Those honey highlights are perfect for summer.

In a recent photo she posted, Priyanka Chopra said "All new... team, threats & tricks on @ABCQuantico. It’s a season full of thrills and surprises... on your screens Thursday, April 26! #Quantico."

I don't know about you but I CANNOT wait to see the twists and turns in her hair!

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