Things Brides & Grooms Often Forget At Their Wedding - Take Notes!

Things Brides & Grooms Often Forget At Their Wedding - Take Notes!
You have already made your wedding checklist, haven't you? You have crossed every t and dotted every i and have the tiniest piece of detail jotted down. But often, in all this stress, you forget to enjoy your own wedding. Amidst all the chaos and drama, the bride is always too anxious and the groom forgets half the things he planned to do on his big day. Here's a request, it's your day and you gotta enjoy the dream wedding you have imagined for yourself. So we list out 7 things you should totally avoid forgetting at your wedding.

1. Eat the food you carefully curated

You've painstakingly decided on the menu. You scoured through special cuisines, went through the pains of tasting and including a variety of cuisines but you won't be able to enjoy it in most probability. With hundreds of guests around, you will be too busy just greeting people. And by the time you are done with all of that, you will be too tired to fill your plate with your fave dish. That's when you start regretting as you have starved all day long just to have that dish after the day long hectic rituals. We suggest asking your caterer to keep your food separately so you can eat whenever you do get a chance. 

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2. Comfortable shoes to dance the night away

You don't want to sit on the sidelines while others scorch the dance floor at your wedding. So sweetheart, carry a pair of low heels or flats with you and dance the night away on your big day. Be the bindass badass bride that all your guests would rave about. 

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3.  Pictures with your parents

Throughout your wedding, you will be surrounded by your siblings and BFFs clicking those pout-perfect selfies and sharing Instagram stories. And then your wedding photographer will ask you to pose a thousand times. But in between all those shots, you usually forget getting clicked with the most important people in your lives - your parents. Make sure you have enough family portraits for you and your parents to cherish.

4. Not making those Bollywood inspired dramatic bride and groom entries

Are you a Bollywood buff? If yes, then don't forget to make an eventful entry. If you are inspired by dramatic bride and groom entries, leave a mark with a dhamaakedar entry at your wedding. Don't skip that amidst all the drama, you'll be so glad you did it.

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5. Carrying an outfit change 

A change of dress is something you just can't skip. It is as important as your bridal lehenga. After the long and hectic rituals are over and most of the guests have left,  if you have an option of quickly getting into a light and comfy outfit, grab it! You can now dance freely with your closest people or relax with them while being so much comfier.

6. Having fun with your partner

It's your day, so you gotta make the most of it. But not alone, include your partner as well. It shouldn't be like you and your partner are in two different corners just attending to people and not getting time with each other. Make sure you both spend ample time together and create memories to cherish all your life when you look back to this important day of yours.

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7. Get a DO-NOT-PLAY tracklist

Though you might have meticulously planned your cocktail function, write out a do-not-play list for your DJ. This can help if there are certain songs you think are done to death with and you don't want them blasted out on your wedding.

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