#MeetTheParents: 7 Women Share The Love Advice They Received From Their Parents

#MeetTheParents: 7 Women Share The Love Advice They Received From Their Parents

The people who look out for you will always offer you the best advice. Take your parents for example. Their take on love is simple, straightforward and meaningful. Compared to our idea of love, theirs could be old school - but isn't that better than our generation of moving on to someone new when our partner doesn't live up to our expectations? We give up too easily nowadays. We fancy the idea of a relationship more than the effort that goes into maintaining one. That's not called love. That's being impatient and self-centred. Our parents knew how to cradle their relationship with care and passion. As team POPxo, we asked our parents for advice that caters to the matters of the heart. We'd like to share them with you today!  

1. Space Matters In A Relationship

Space is very important in a relationship. During a quarrel, it's best that one partner keeps quiet while the other vents out and takes time to cool down. If two people are having a heated argument and none of them are willing to listen to each other, the relationship will crumble eventually. Giving your partner space and being patient with them will help you both survive the storm.” - Sharon Alphonso, Beauty Writer    

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2. Never Go To Bed Sad Or Angry

“Holding grudges in a relationship can be very harmful. A small fight tonight about dirty socks lying around can turn into a big one tomorrow. Whenever you might have a fight, talk it out with your partner. Even though young ego is big and it might seem like a good idea to let your boyfriend stew while you have one of your wallowing episodes. Sort out all your issues on the same day, because tomorrow is a brand new day which has no place for old quarrels.”- Sumona Bose, Fashion Writer

3. Co-existence is a part of companionship

“We always have something or the other to talk about. Be it about you, work, our past, memories. Something or the other, there’s never a time when we need to look for a conversation. But even when we’re just watching tv or when doing our own thing, we feel comforted by the other person's presence. Basically what this means is, speaking or not, we never feel lonely around each other. That is what you need to keep in mind when you choose a partner.”- Kannagi Desai, Junior Beauty Editor

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4. It’s always us against the problem

“Never let the argument or problem become bigger than the relationship. Unless the situation calls for an absolute compromise of your principles or beliefs, which is a hard limit, you can never let the problem or your ego become bigger than a relationship. You were blessed with all the blood relations in your life but this is one that you chose. So above all, you need to remember to love each other even when you feel you can’t love each other. Effort is beautiful and it’ll take you to places in a relationship.” - Srishti Gupta, Junior Lifestyle Editor

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5. No Two People Are Perfect

“There is no such thing as an ideal relationship, everything in your life requires work and determination. So why should this be any different? Always be open to good changes and making each other better people. It’s not about the sacrifices or compromises you make. It’s about the person who is worth it all.” - Akanksha Bhatia, Lifestyle Writer

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6. There Will Be GOOD Times, But It Is During The Bad Times That You Will Need To Be Stronger Than Ever

“It is during the not-so-good phases that you will have to be strong and make your relationship last. Be there for each other through the good and the bad ALWAYS! Trying times will come for the two of you, and once you get through them, you two, as a couple, will emerge closer and stronger than ever before - so don’t take it as a curse, but as a learning.” - Sakshi Budhraja, Junior Beauty Editor

7. Make Them A Part Of Your Life, Not Your Life

"It’s great that you consider his opinion and he considers yours. But don’t lose yourself in the relationship. What makes you is all the things you’re passionate about and people you love. If you guys don’t feel comfortable about something to do with either, talk through it. Don’t just stop doing or meeting people just because your boyfriend/ girlfriend doesn’t particularly like you doing it. If he or she can’t work through it, knowing it’s important to you, it’s something you should think about carefully. The key is to compromise, not sacrifice." - Arunima Rustagi, Senior Fashion Writer

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