#LightTherapy: How Do Coloured Lights Actually Affect Your Mood?

#LightTherapy: How Do Coloured Lights Actually Affect Your Mood?

Don't you just love the fairy lights that hang on your favourite wall in the room? Some people also add photographs to the string and others origami in a bid to feel calm and nostalgic. But according to science, the change in light is all you need. According to Michael Hamblin, Harvard Medical School, people (like plants) have a chemical reaction to light, which is where light therapy comes into play. When particles of light come in contact with the skin, they are absorbed by light-sensitive molecules inside cells, which initiates a response. That response varies, depending on the wavelength, or colour, of light and where it’s used, explains Hamblim.

In simple terms, lights stimulate a response in your body and you can use it to feel better emotionally and mentally. Read ahead to know how coloured lights can improve your mood and health. 

1. Red 

Red stands for everything bold and passionate, like the fire within you. It helps energise, especially if you are overworked. Red light is also related to sexual desires and is therefore considered the colour of love. 

01 light therapy

2. Green 

As the colour of nature, it helps boost the body's immunity and can really make you feel refreshed. It is also said to stimulate growth hormones in your body and rejuvenate your muscles. 

3. Blue

The exact opposite of red, blue lights help you calm down and lower your blood pressure. Your ears, throat, and mouth are affected by this light, that's why it is believe that it helps in curing migraines. 

03 light therapy

4. Yellow

Yellow lights are a boon for the people who suffer from depression and anxiety. It is also has a positive effect on your digestion. 

5. Purple 

The soothing colour reduces emotional and mental stress. Purple light also aids in falling asleep and reduces sexual desires. 

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6. Indigo

Great for people who are looking for structure and discipline. Indigo light also induces fear so isn't recommended for those who are looking for comfort. 

7. Orange 

It's called the colour of creativity, so if you are an artist or have a creatively stimulating job, then an orange light is a boon. 

07 light therapy

Images: Giphy, Pexels

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