7 Stylish Items For A Summer-Friendly Auto Ride Because 'Damn, Sun!'

7 Stylish Items For A Summer-Friendly Auto Ride Because 'Damn, Sun!'

Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right!

Here’s why just like The Beatles, I too say “it’s all right”, because I have no amount of skin darkening, no amount of tanning to be scared of. This summer, travel carefree without the fear of ‘The Sun’ with these seven easy tips to protect yourself stylishly while travelling in an auto. Don’t let the heat get you down. Drink some water and remember these tips before heading out.

1. An SOS Scarf


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Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear scarves. One of our favourite summer accessories, scarves are evergreen and ever trending. Whether it’s sunny outside or pouring down, having a save-our-soul scarf is never a bad idea. If your bag doesn’t have enough space for it, knot it around the sling and you’ve yourself your very own Bagwati.

POPxo Recommends: Floral Printed Stole (Rs 240) by Project Eve.

2. Shrug For The Travel Bug


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Choose your shrug depending on which body part is exposed - whether your arms or your legs. A sleeved shrug or a longline shrug would be your best bet this summer. Bonus - they’re also an easy way to unbore your outfit.

POPxo Recommends: The Ivory Shrug (Rs 892) by Vajor.

3. Sunnies To The Rescue


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Wearing sunglasses doesn’t depend on whether it’s hot outside or not, everyone is wearing them everywhere. Cash in on the trend with a chic pair for yourself, ladies, both inside and outside the auto. After all, big sunglasses hide all sins... and sunlight!

POPxo Recommends: Rimmed Clear Sunglasses (Rs 999) by Sneak-a-peek.

4. Anti-pollution Masks

Given the rising level of pollution everywhere, anti-pollution masks are a must now. But they don’t have to make you look like a doctor, do they? Pick up a fashionable mask this season. Be safe, be stylish.

POPxo Recommends: Anti-pollution Printed Mask (Rs 579) by Honeywell.

5. Hats (Not) Off!


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There’s no calm way to say that HATS ARE BACK!! Whether it’s the beach or beech bazaar, make them a part of your everyday life for the best summer ever.

POPxo Recommends: Beige Solid Hat (Rs 999) by Forever 21.

6. Sheer Socks, Totally Rock


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Love wearing summer flats but hate the v-shaped tan lines on your feet? Sheer socks will prove to be a fair deal this season. Not only are they super thin to feel, they’ll do the job stylishly while at it. You’re welcome!

POPxo Recommends: Sheer Mesh Ankle Socks (Rs 260) by Shein.

7. Arm Sleeves FTW

Ever seen people driving a scooty with fake sleeves or tattoo sleeves. Yes, that’s a thing! Arm sleeves are a super skinny and soft fabric that cuts off direct contact from the sun rays, thereby keeping you tan-free. You won’t feel a thing.

POPxo Recommends: Arm Sleeves with UV Sun Protection (Rs 465) by Generic.

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