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Your Childhood Fave Floaters Are Back And Here's How You Can Wear Them!

Remember the days, almost a decade ago, when coming home from school meant watching Tom & Jerry on Cartoon Network? When you’d quickly chug that glass of Bournvita otherwise mom won’t let you go play? When writing ‘HW’ on your homework was compulsory? Sigh, those were the days. One thing that belongs to the simpler time has now made a comeback. It’s that one pair of footwear we loved to wear everywhere. And now bloggers are wearing to fashion shows.


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It’s the good old floaters! Does this mean it’s time to get over the white sneakers phase? Not necessarily! But there are cool ways of introducing floaters in your life again without looking like an eight-year-old. 

  1. You can wear them with socks whether sheer or multi-coloured. These bloggers are proof that wearing socks with sandals isn’t a turn off anymore! Sorry, we doubted you mom. 
  2. You can wear them with an anklet or a toe ring if you will. Or what we call a ‘Pedicure’ in fashion terminology.
  3. Or you can wear them as it is, just like the good ol' times.

Here are our top recommendations for floaters this season:


Published on Mar 27, 2018
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