Fashion Choices Girls Have To Make Because ‘Metro Mei Hun, Yaar!’

Fashion Choices Girls Have To Make Because ‘Metro Mei Hun, Yaar!’

The distance between my house and everywhere I like to go and chill is 30km or more, including my office. That means a total of three hours of travelling is a part of my life I can’t do away with. Cabs maybe the convenient option but not so pocket-friendly. So I rely on the metro. And I’m sure there are many women like me who take the metro to work, college, Sarojini Nagar etc. But travelling by a public transport has its flaws…

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I’m sorry, fashion flaws. You can’t always wear what you want to wear because the travel takes a toll on your outfit, from crushing to discomfort. Here are all the fashion compromises every girl has to make while travelling by metro and how can you make the best of the situation.

1. Shrugs As Cover-ups Because Aunties!


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Whether I’m travelling in the women’s coach or the general coach, I cannot NOT care about the eyes staring right at me. No one likes to be stared at, right? So, rather than not wearing sundresses, strappy tops, minis or shorts like at all, I layer up with a pretty shrug or a quirky scarf in the metro. Why give them a reason to ruin your fashion mood with a “Beta, your bra strap is showing! Theek karlo!”

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2. Sorry Jeggings! It’s Not You, It’s Lee.


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Metros are crowded. And add the big handbags and elbows people throw your way in the picture too. Every day someone is knocking someone’s phone out of their hand or people drop it on their own in the chaos. I need pockets! Pockets where I can keep my phone, pockets where I can keep my metro card. That’s why you’ll see most girls travelling in jeans. Oh, jeans, thou art so good! Sorry jeggings and mock pockets, you have to go.

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3. Messy Bun, So Much Fun


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With so many people standing in a small compartment, no amount of air conditioning helps. It tends to get warm and sometimes sweaty. I for one never travel with my hair open. Did anyone say messy bun? Hell, yes! A messy bun is a great contributor to a great OOTD. Stay stylishly cool, ladies!

4. Heels, I’m Gonna Lay Off You!


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You don’t know pain until you’ve been pierced by a woman’s heels right on your pinkie. It’s brutal! Plus, there’s always a good chance of you not getting a seat, thanks to our growing population. It’s always a better idea to wear comfy shoes like flats and sneakers while on the go. If you really can’t do without heels, wedges would be a nice option for you.

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5. Backpacks Or Frontpacks?


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Backpacks are a convenient as well as a trendy idea to carry in the metro for a hands-free ride. Applique, embroidered, denim, there are so many styles to choose from. One thing I picked up on during one such ride was girls wearing their backpack in the front. All the more reason to ditch that boring black laptop bag and go for a pretty one, no? After all, ‘beware of pickpockets!’ is something written at every metro station.

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6. Crop Tops With Overalls


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No one can come between us and our love for crop tops. I found a cool new way in which college girls have been wearing their crop tops this season - with dungarees and overalls. Not only they reduce skin show and belly fat bulge but also make you look upbeat.

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7. Earphones Because Earrings!


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The second saddest part about travelling by metro (the first one being too many people, of course) was the fact that I had to bid adieu to my big Skullcandy headsets. Why? Well, because how can I not wear earrings! Cute and colourful earphones have replaced headsets that complement the phone as well the outfit.

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