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These Alcohol-Infused Cakes Are Just What You Need At Your Wedding Reception!

These Alcohol-Infused Cakes Are Just What You Need At Your Wedding Reception!

A home bakery known for its wide variety of flavours in jars, All Things Yummy is just what you're looking for for your wedding reception. Their special range of alcohol-infused cakes is a major hit with brides and grooms. 


Nimisha Goel, the founder and the baker at All Things Yummy was stuck in a corporate rut for ages like many of us. She quit her job and embarked on a journey to try out a 100 different recipes, where somewhere along the way, she found her love for baking cakes and making peoples special days even happier.

Elaborate cakes are now a must at engagements and reception dinners and couple's go all out with customized flavours, designs and the works. All Things Yummy specialises in customised cakes, cupcakes and cake jars in all flavours. One of the popular liquor flavours is liquor love, a combination of chocolate cake infused with Kahlua and orange Brandy and iced with Bailey's buttercream, inspired by the b52 shot. Now if that doesn't get your guests excited we're not sure what else will! 


They have a total of 15 different flavours in cakes and cake jars and since the team believes in desserts that taste good and look even better, they package each baked treat with a lot of love and perfection. 
Published on Apr 11, 2018
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