5 Horrifying, Embarrassing, Downright Hilarious First Time Bikini Wax Stories

5 Horrifying, Embarrassing, Downright Hilarious First Time Bikini Wax Stories

Let’s get down and dirty! Hair removal of any kind is a gigantic pain in the ass. But what about the actual EXCRUCIATING pain!

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Shaving your nether-lands is a really crappy experience. I mean the neck pain, the cuts and OMG the porcupine hair. That brings us to our only option, a bikini wax. Your first bikini wax is seldom pleasant, we asked 5 women at POPxo to reiterate that painful ‘first time’ and these stories are horrifyingly relatable. But hey a smooth, fuzz-free vajayjay is worth that pain, right? (confused sobs!)

“Silent Cries”

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I had my first bikini wax while I was studying in Bombay. It was my first time, so the salon lady suggested I use a numbing gel to control the pain. The entire experience was just uncomfortable, it was the first time anyone was so up close and personal ‘down there.’ The first time she pulled the wax strip I started crying, no sound came out of my mouth because I was in pain. After the initial shock of the experience faded, I realized this was a new very interesting feeling. Water slid down smoothly and things down there felt great! If only I had a boyfriend back then… hahaha!

- Manvi Malhotra, Senior Wedding Writer

“My grandmother walked in on me and this woman had her face in my vagina and a knife in her hand.”

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I got my first bikini wax back in my first year of college. I had a friend who swore by this lady who came home. It was my first time trying a Brazilian and I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully, the lady was really sweet and made me feel comfortable. Once she started pulling off the strips, it really kicked in! The pain was unbelievable, she was really quick though... the entire ordeal took less than 15 mins. I was shrieking in pain, my grandmother walked in to check up on me. She was horrified to see me with my legs up, this woman’s face in my vagina and a knife in her hand. Since she didn’t know what was happening, she started calling for help. The entire situation was hilarious we were in splits! I always make sure to lock the door when I get a wax now!

- Nidhi Kavle, Senior Beauty Writer

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“NO GUY was ever going to be worth THAT pain”

3. bikini wax internal

My first bikini wax was actually my mother’s suggestion. She went in for one and was talking highly about how clean you feel. The thing to note here is that her pain threshold is magnanimous owing to the fact that she had broken several limbs and ALSO birthed a child. So, her nether regions definitely were stronger than mine. But I was in a relationship then, and you know a girl hopes for things to progress, so I decided to take my mom’s advice. I think that is when I STOPPED listening to her entirely. The pain was beyond anything I had ever felt in my life. After a while, I stopped shrieking too, because I think my vocal chords were numbed by the pain. After the ordeal, I didn’t want a cloth down there, forget anything else. After a few days of icing my hoo-ha and walking around like a duck, I came to the conclusion that NO GUY was ever going to be worth THAT pain.

- Kannagi Desai, Junior Beauty Editor

“As soon as she pulled out the first strip I started bleeding.”

4. bikini wax internal

I had always been a person who shaves down there. A day before going to Goa, I thought of getting a bikini wax done for the first time. I went to the parlour my friend suggested and awkwardly laid down in front of the waxing lady. Even though I can boast about my threshold, my first experience was horrific. I didn’t know I was supposed to exfoliate down there before getting it waxed and my waxing lady didn’t ask me any questions before starting. As soon as she pulled out the first strip I started bleeding a lot. I was lying down, so I couldn’t see what was happening down there. She didn’t stop and kept pulling one strip after the other when finally she told me she can’t wax any further. As soon as I got up, my vagina looked like as if I was on my period with wax that is still not removed. She asked me to go home and apply some antiseptic cream. If you are wondering how the trip went, all I can say is that I didn’t go into the pool or the beach. *gasp*

- Saachi Bamba, Editorial Coordinator

“She had to physically pin me down to get the job done.”

5. bikini wax internal

For the longest time, I used to shave. Waxing is a painful process but my nether regions were just not prepared for it. A few months ago though, I decided I was done being chicken and went in for my first session. Before I even get into the pain part of it, can we just acknowledge that it is an utterly awkward and embarrassing process? You’re lying naked waist down in front of a stranger and have to also make small talk. *Sigh* And now for the pain. As a girl who gets her cramps every month, I did not think it would be so painful. Oh boy, was I wrong! After almost 45 minutes of screaming, she was done. Mind you, the process otherwise takes 20 minutes but it took more than the double amount for me because I just wouldn’t let her wax. She had to physically pin me down to get the job done. I left the room, sore in pain and swore never to return. But the feeling was so amazing that I did return the next month and have been going back ever since. I can honestly tell you, if being clean down there is your scene, go in for a few sittings. The pain keeps getting better and now it’s bearable and worth it!

- Srishti Gupta, Junior Lifestyle Editor

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