The Most Embarrassing Bikini Wax Questions - Answered!

The Most Embarrassing Bikini Wax Questions - Answered!
A million thoughts start running through your mind at the thought of a bikini wax, right? The anticipation of it is enough to give any girl sleepless nights! They do say, though, that once you start getting them you never want to stop, because of how clean you feel (as well as sexy)! But the mere thought of spreading your legs for a total stranger and having her rip at your pubic area is so horrifying! We have tried to make life easier for you by answering all your embarrassing questions about a bikini wax to help ease your mind about any doubts and fears you might have. Have a look!

1. Do I have to get totally naked? Isn’t it embarrassing?

Some places will offer you a cloth to drape or a towel, while at some yes, you will be naked waist-down. But you will get over the embarrassment once you see how strictly professional your waxer is. You’ll realize that she’s just doing her job, and probably has had 300 naked women on her table in the past week, before you came along (so it’s no big deal!) And she is really not interested in looking at your hoo-ha.

embarrassing bikini wax questions

2. What if I’m the hairiest person she’s ever seen?

Everyone has hair down there as well as in their tush, and pubic hair is thick and coarse for everyone. It’s nature! Most women are probably embarrassed at the amount of hair they have. So don’t worry – you’re not alone.

3. What if I umm...smell?

Every woman understands the stuff that goes on down there. But it is basic courtesy to shower or at least clean yourself up just before your appointment. Going in all sweaty after the gym or after an entire day of running around is really not the best idea.

embarrassing bikini wax questions

4.  Is she going to, like, touch me ALL over my parts?

Well, she is going to get pretty close to ALL of it. You would be lying spread-eagled on the table, and she will be applying wax almost everywhere. Once she pulls off the strip, she’s probably going to hold her hand against it to help with the pain.

5.  Am I going to cry with the pain?

We’re not going to lie - the first time will be painful. But it does get better once you start doing it regularly. Just like how waxing your arms and legs doesn’t hurt as much as it did when you first started. Be sure to not shave between appointments, though, and ensure that your hair is about a quarter of an inch long so that it comes off easily and helps reduce the pain. If you haven’t waxed in a long time or if it’s your first time, trim your hair before your appointment. If your pubic hair is too long, it can also make the experience more painful. You can also take an over-the-counter painkiller like Aspirin 45 minutes before your appointment to help you deal with it.

embarrassing bikini wax questions

6. Can’t I try doing it myself and save myself the embarrassment?

It really hurts waxing yourself down there, so can you really imagine being able to go through with it? Plus, it’s such a sensitive area, it’s safer to leave it to a professional.

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7. How often should I get waxed?

Once every 3 to 4 weeks is ideal if you want hair to be the right length. Once you start doing it often, you wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable and it won’t be that painful.

embarrassing bikini wax questions

8. Can I get ingrown hair down there too? How do I avoid that?

Yes, especially if you wax or shave often, ingrown hair would be as common in your bikini area as on your legs or anywhere else. Avoid wearing tight clothes like skinny jeans a day or two after your wax and stay away from your razor. Shaving between appointments is a big no-no. Also, exfoliate down there often to prevent and get rid of annoying ingrowths.  

9. Can I get a bikini wax when I’m on my period?

If you wear a tampon then yes you can, but you really shouldn’t. For the sake of basic etiquette! Plus, the time just before and during your period is when your skin is the most sensitive, which means that it will be even more painful. Nobody wants that!

embarrassing bikini wax questions

10. Could I get an infection down there after the bikini wax?

If you visit a salon that isn’t sanitary, yes it is possible. Make sure they use a fresh wax applicator, disposable strips and that the wax hasn’t been sitting around after the previous client’s visit. If these things are not in place - leave! Also, post-wax, wear cotton panties and loose-ish, breathable clothing. Too-tight clothes and sweating down there after the wax can result in infection-causing bacteria to breed.

11. Is it itchy after you wax?

Itchiness is normal after a wax - after all, it’s such a sensitive area! This is another reason you should wear breathable clothing afterwards. Whether it will itch or not also depends on the wax the type of wax used. Hard wax is better for delicate areas.

embarrassing bikini wax questions

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