10 Ways To Make Your Next Bikini Wax *Less* Painful!

10 Ways To Make Your Next Bikini Wax *Less* Painful!
Most of us shudder when we remember that the next bikini wax appointment is due. And why won’t we? Because, ladies, let’s be honest, that pain is nothing short of a nightmare! But what if we were to tell you that there are certain tips and tricks that can make this entire process slightly less painful? Here, we present to you, 10 ways to make that bikini wax less painful. It won’t get easier than this, ladies.

1. Stretch out prior to the waxing session

1 bikini wax Giving your body a nice stretch before your waxing appointment is more helpful than you can imagine. A yoga session, to be precise, opens up your muscles, and that helps you be more flexible and stay in a particular position for a longer period of time. This will make spreading your legs and stretching out at different angles easier. And ladies, if you stretch well and stay still, the parlour lady will be able to do her job quickly, which in turn also means that you have to bear the pain for a shorter period of time.

2. Bit by bit, please

Instruct your parlour lady to work on small sections at a time when waxing your bikini area. Opting for larger sections will prove to be more painful. Smaller sections waxed with precision is a way more efficient and less painful way to go about it.

3. Say no to the razor

3 bikini wax We all have those days when we want to be squeaky clean and fuzz-free down there, but have no time to spare for a parlour visit. Here’s when the razor comes to our rescue... Take it from us ladies, regular waxing makes your hair grow back thinner - but all of that goes down the drain if you reach for the razor. Steer clear shaving, we say!

4. Let the wax cool a bit

The skin around your bikini area is a tad more sensitive than the rest of your body. Therefore, applying hot wax can prove to be quite uncomfortable. Be patient and ask your parlour lady to allow it to cool off a bit before you start.  

5. Cold compression cures

5 bikini wax Applying an ice pack or some soothing aloe vera gel right after finishing up the bikini wax makes the area less sore and cools it off quickly. This will reduce the redness in the bikini area too and make you feel more comfortable.

7. Pain relief meds, anyone?

7 bikini wax Taking a mild painkiller 30-45 minutes prior to your bikini wax session also helps. You could consult a general physician who can prescribe an effective medicine to you. This will prep you for this hair removal process and make it less painful.

8. Excellent exfoliation

Exfoliating thoroughly before your waxing session is very helpful. This will ensure that the dead layer of skin is removed from the area and the hair gets pulled out from the roots in the first go. You definitely don’t want the technician waxing the same part again and again, do you?

9. Time matters

9 bikini wax Always keep your period cycle in mind before making a waxing appointment. This is because on the days closer to your period date, your skin is generally more sensitive and the pain you will experience will be exponentially higher than if you have this done on other days. Going in for a bikini wax 2-3 days after your period is over, is the ideal time, keeping the pain level in consideration.

10. Relax and don’t stress too much

Ladies, to put it in the most straightforward manner possible - the more you think about and stress over your bikini wax, the more it’s going to hurt. There’s no denying that it can be very painful, but focusing on the pain and sweating over it will make the experience all the more daunting. Relax girls, and imagine how neat and clean you’ll feel after the session is over!
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