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16 Memes That Every Zara Addict Will Relate To...

16 Memes That Every Zara Addict Will Relate To...

If you’re reading this, you’re addicted to the ruler of fast fashion - Zara. If you’re still not convinced, these could be some of the symptoms:

  • You’re thinking about it all the time

  • You can spot a Zara look from miles away

  • It’s the first thing you think of on payday…

  • And of course, you’d rather buy something from Zara, than spend as much on a hearty meal.

Now that you’re aware of your situation, let me also tell you that there’s nothing you can do about it. Speaking as a Zara addict myself, there’s little that is wrong with your love for the Spanish high street fashion brand. Mostly because it’s high-fashion stuff without the high-fashion price tag… wouldn’t you rather buy an edgy shirt from Zara for Rs. 1,800 than spend lakhs on a luxury counterpart? It’s offbeat, it’s expressive, it’s the best thing that ever happened to the world of sincere fashion girls. Sure, you and I both go overboard quite often, but it comes from a place of love and dedication, doesn’t it? Here are 16 memes that you will relate to if you’re a certified Zara addict:

1. Zara BFFs

Zara memes 1

Friends who ‘Zara’ together stay together. A friendship you’ll always cherish.

2. True Love

Zara memes 2

It was hard, but your love made it happen.


Zara memes 3

You want to show off your love no matter the time or place.

4. Zara >; Boys

Zara memes 4

Remember, Zara will never cheat on you.

5. Oh, The Tragedy

Zara memes 5

You’re a teetotaller now, aren’t you? Stop crying, it’ll pass.

6. All Time Favourite

Zara memes 6

You feel like your money is Zara’s money. That’s what true love is about, isn’t it?

7. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Zara memes 7

It’s worth it. Every time, all the time.

8. Tough Times

Zara memes 8

But Zara makes up for it with its weekly drops and how!

9. Why You Do Dis, Bladder?

Zara memes 9

Having your hourly bottle of water could have waited, no?

10.  This Means War

Zara memes 10

Anyone who knows you knows better than to contest that Zara, in fact, is the bomb.

11. Happy Days!

Zara memes 11

Nothing beats the feeling of having that brown cardboard box in your hands… just waiting to be opened.

12. O.Z.D (Obsessive Zara Disorder)

Zara memes 12

Sleepless nights spent stalking… is that love or obsession?

13. Best. Relationship. Ever

Zara memes 13

Your confidence is through the roof with your love on your arm.

14. Family Feud

Zara memes 14

Keep fighting, one day they’ll get it.

15. Love Is Blind

Zara memes 15

‘You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my love.’

16. All That Math

Zara memes 16

You have your priorities straight.

When it comes to Zara, there’s no turning back or moving on… is there? I’m going to conclude with a must-follow for all of you addicts on Instagram: @thedevilwearszara. It’s Zara, for Zara addicts like yourself, by Zara addicts like yourself. Enjoy!