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8 Online Stores That Can Give Zara A Run For Its Money!

“Your dressing sense is so Zara!” - the words that made me reconsider my everyday style. Don’t get me wrong, Zara is one of my absolute faves, but when your style becomes so predictable that your office colleagues start noticing - it’s time for a change. Sophistication with a hint of sass - that’s something Zara and I have in common. *Wink* But I knew I needed a wardrobe makeover. That’s when I went around my office, seeking some ‘Zara-like’ online stores, and boy, was I inspired!

If you’re still stuck between Forever 21 and Zara, there’s so much you have missed out on, but not anymore…

So ladies, what’s on your bucket list?

Published on Sep 9, 2017
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