17 Super Cute, Romantic & Fun Ways To Tell Your Husband That You're Pregnant!

17 Super Cute, Romantic & Fun Ways To Tell Your Husband That You're Pregnant!

Baby on board! The excitement of having a baby is something that doesn’t quite compare to anything else. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fourth, the news is always special and incomparable to any other joy of life. After the mommy herself knowing, chances are that the second person she tells is the to-be-daddy. Yeah, shouting and jumping “I’m pregnant” works perfectly fine as well but sometimes you want the announcement to be a little more elaborate. The news is so joyous that you might want to make a big celebration when you reveal that his bun is in your oven and you guys are going from the adorable duo to the cutesy trio!

From pregnancy photo shoots and baby announcements, having a baby has become a fancy affair! But hubby pregnancy reveals don’t necessarily have to be that extravagant. You don’t have to hire a photographer or spend tons of money on it. These can be more personal and intimate, something just you and he can share forever. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have to be creative or fun or adorable. We’ve listed down some amazing ideas on how to tell your husband you're pregnant and surprise him with this big reveal!  

Creative Ways To Tell 
Romantic Ways 
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Creative Ways To Tell Your Husband That You’re Pregnant

For such a big news, being creative is worth it! Which is why we’ve got you some of the most creative ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant. Have a look!

Snap Snap, You’re a Daddy!


Image Source: Pinterest

Prep for a photo shoot and make up an excuse to celebrate. Tell him that you want to do something special for your anniversary invite this year or you want the Diwali hamper to be more personalised. And then right in the middle of the shoot hold up signs like ‘You’re going to be a daddy’ or ‘Hey! You’re totally daddy material’ and you can then capture his reaction on camera.

The Special Test That Broke The News


Image Source: Pinterest

It’s the pee stick that broke the news to you and that moment will forever be special to you. Share this joy with your hubby too! Wrap up the stick in a box and decorate it with a bow. Your hubby will probably think it’s an expensive watch for him but what’ll be inside will leave him feeling even more elated!

Rhyme It ‘coz He Likes It


Image Source: Pinterest

What is better than the iconic ‘roses are red’ rhyme? You can use it anywhere and somehow it just fits! This one is perfect if you want to keep it quirky and fun and want to put in minimal effort into the hubby baby reveal.

Propose To Him…


Image Source: Giphy

Take him to the same spot he proposed to you and make a day out of it. Try and recreate everything you guys did on that day. Well, it doesn’t have to be very elaborate but just get down on one knee and instead of a ring, give him the pee test and tell him you’re both starting a family. He’ll be so overwhelmed!

There’s Nothing More Special Than a Card


Image Source: Pinterest

There’s something about cards that makes them so special. Hand draw him a cute card and write a quirky, funny note in it telling him you’re expecting a baby! He can keep it with himself forever as a reminder of the joy he felt on that day.

Woof Woof, Dear Daddy!


Image Source: Pinterest

This is by far my favourite way to tell your husband you’re carrying a li’l one in your tummy (maybe because I’m just partial towards dogs)! Get a cute sweater or hoodie for your paw-some baby and send him with a message to your hubby. ‘Baby human coming soon’ or ‘I’m getting a hooman brother/sister’ or ‘Li’l hooman is joining the fam’ can be some of the messages to write. You can even reuse these in your pregnancy photo shoots to add that extra cuteness!

Romantic Ways To Tell Your Husband That You’re Pregnant

Romance should never fade away, even when you are going to be a mommy. So, here are some of the most romantic ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant.

His Bun In Your Oven


Image Source: Pinterest

Nothing can get more classic than this, right?! Your bun in my oven is the most heartwarming way to tell your partner that there’s a new family member on the way. Put a bun in the oven and put on a tag saying ‘You’re the bun maker, I’m the oven!’ or with the approximate due date on it and then pretend you need help opening it up. When he comes and helps you, he can see what you mean. The look on his face is going to be totally priceless!

Someone Tiny Is Joining Us


Image Source: Giphy

Turn the house into a baby paradise for him. Now we don’t expect you to get the nursery done up or buy an entire baby wardrobe, but just make subtle changes. Keep a pair of baby shoes on your shoe rack along with your footwear. Hang a baby onesie along with your clothes and keep a tiny toothbrush in your bathroom. The subtle hints can confuse him at first but it won’t be very long before he gets it!

Big Brother Or Sister Tag


Image Source: Instagram

If you’re having another kid then it’ll be sweet you make your baby no. 1 part of the process. This will ease her or him into having a sibling and it’ll be a cute way to tell your husband you’re carrying another tiny human. Make your older one wear a ‘Big sister/brother’ t-shirt or hold a placard and go say hi to daddy when he comes home. You can later reuse this one to make an announcement on Instagram.

Winter Wonderland


Image Source: Pinterest

This is everything romantic and fuzzy, perfect for the occasion. Get a basket and pad it with fluffy cushions, keep baby shoes, a tiny tee and you can decorate it however you want it. Keep flowers or cupcakes along with it and place it in your TV area. When he comes back after work, he’ll see the hamper and that’s when he’ll know! Awwww!

Funny Ways To Tell Your Husband That You’re Pregnant

If you are a couple who never misses out on enjoying any moment of your life, then news of having a baby should be no less fun than other situations. Here are fun ways to tell your husband you're pregnant.

Netflix And Chill Or Something More?!


Image Source: Pinterest

Yes, it’s a bit of an effort. Getting the printed onesie, making the popcorn and setting it all up, but you know it’s worth it. Set it all up on the bed and wait for his reaction. Trust us, it’ll be absolutely gold, especially if you’re a couple who don’t like too much mush and is more into the giggles and jokes!

Breast Way To Make The Big Reveal!


Image Source: Pinterest

Yep, another card but this time with a hilarious message. Yes, your body is going to change but it’s all for the better. Might as well start preparing him for it! Your boobs are going to get even more amazing and this will be the perfect way to tell him that there’s a baby on board.

We Fertilized a Baby Dino!


Image Source: Pinterest

Yeah, this is just a fun spin on the whole t-shirt craze. Get one which says ‘Pregasaurus’ and let him figure the rest. It’ll also be a sweet memento to keep forever!

Binge Watching Shows And Eating For Two Starts Now!


Image Source: Pinterest

Another t-shirt to tell your hubby you’re now going to be eating for two! Dedicate your baby reveal to both of your fave shows, be it F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Game of Thrones or even The Office. And get a personalised t-shirt to break the news to bae.

Onesie For The Tiny Tot


Image Source: Pinterest

You’re becoming mama bear and he’s becoming daddykins so this little one should get his own animal too. Get a onesie and write a cute message on it and hang it along with his shirts. When he opens his cupboard in the morning, it’ll be one of those joyous moments you’ll never want to forget.

Hey Hot Daddy!


Image Source: Pinterest

Yeah, your hubby is going to be a DILF! Make his morning coffee in this hilarious mug and he’ll totally love it! In fact, he’s going to want to have his coffee only in this mug from then on!

His Soldiers Swam And Did Their Job Well


Image Source: Pinterest

Write ‘I’m glad I let you cum in’ on a card or personalise a mug that reads, ‘We have a winner!’ with a picture of sperm on it. It’ll ake the announcement so much more fun and hilarious. You can giggle over it together and make a day out of the fact that your buddies synched together!

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This story was updated in March 2019.