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The *Cutest* Ways To Tell Your Husband That You're Pregnant!

The *Cutest* Ways To Tell Your Husband That You're Pregnant!

First things first, congratulations! We know that this might just be the best surprise of your life and you’d be waiting to share the ‘baby news’ with the hubby soon. Since you’d want to make it extra special, just disclosing the big news wouldn’t actually be as exciting. You might want to gently build up the momentum in a special way, right? Here are few ideas that could help...

1. Message in A Cup

If you just can’t wait to break the news, then do it first thing in the morning. Deliver the baby news with a cuppa morning tea. Buy a personalized mug with a cutesy message written on it. It need not be direct, but subtle enough to make him jump with joy.

gif 4

2. The Daddy Manual

As cheesy as this may sound, it does work. Besides, guys love manuals; pick up a "how to be a great dad"  book, wrap it beautifully and put it beside his laptop or the bedside.

3. Puzzle Him

Another favourite for most guys. Put in a bit of an effort and personalize the message in a jig-saw puzzle (no clues allowed) and see how he unfolds it.

Gif 2

4. Get a Baby Fund Piggy Bank

Bit of a cliche, but always works. Buy a piggy bank and stamp a "baby fund" sticker on the front. Pretty loud and clear, isn't it?

5. Text Him a Coupon

While at work, text him a coupon that reads, "redeemable only after nine months". That should be enough to grab his attention.

6. Hide the Test Beside his PS

He could never miss it if you place it next to his PlayStation with a little message that reads -  "playtime over." Gotcha!

gif 3

7. Make it ultra special

Record your ultrasound and send the audio file to him via WhatsApp. Audios are way more impactful than you could imagine and will make him so emotional.

8. Let your pet do it for you!

Put the message on your pet's collar. As soon as your hubby comes back from the office, he will get the cutesy surprise.

9. Frame it!

Find a frame with a baby picture that says "Coming home soon daddy" and place it on the bedroom wall. Need we say more?

Gif 1

10. Make it sweet with a dessert

A cupcake, a cookie or just go all out and order his favourite dessert box. Scribble a cutesy baby message over it. Trust us, it will be the sweetest surprise of his life.

GIf’s: Giphy and Tumblr

Published on Feb 2, 2018
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