7 Hair Makeovers So Awesome, You’ll Want One NOW!

7 Hair Makeovers So Awesome, You’ll Want One NOW!

Girls love their hair more than anything else. But, however much we love our gorgeous locks and hate chopping them off, we still tend to get bored of our hairstyles pretty soon. Am I right or am I right?! So, if that is the case with you (which we are pretty sure it is!), then take inspiration from these awesome Plixxo bloggers and get ready to change up your hair. These 7 real-life hair makeovers will inspire you to up your mane game.

1. Short hair, don’t care!

1 hair makeovers - cherry jain

Image: Cherry Jain on Instagram here and here

Most of you must have always seen Plixxo blogger, Cherry Jain of muchtoomuch with long tresses, but recently she decided to chop it off to a more manageable length. If you’ve always wanted to chop off your tresses but were scared to do so, take inspiration her fresh, new look!

2. Summer tones

2 hair makeovers - mehak sethi

Image: Mehak Sethi on Instagram here and here

If you don’t want to colour all your hair, you can always get a small section of your length coloured. Take some inspiration from Mehak Sethi and go for bright and summery hair colours. Don’t you love her colourful surprise?!

3. Bright and oh-so bold

3 hair makeovers - bighairloudmouth blue purple hair

Image: Nilu Yuleena Thapa on Instagram here and here

Plixxo Super Blogger, Nilu Thapa of bighairloudmouth loves to colour her hair and we absolutely love this transformation from silver to a mix of blues and purple. If you are someone who is looking for a bold transformation, here’s ALL the inspiration you need.

4. Lovely waves

4 hair makeovers - chichi

Image: Chichi on Instagram here and here

The best way to temporarily amp up your hair for any occasion is to style it. If you have long and gorgeous hair like Chichi of thestyletune, get it styled and opt for tight curls. Her hair looks SO amazing - Oh, the things we’d do for this ‘do!

5. Colour it red

5 hair makeovers - himanshi sharma

Image: Himanshi Sharma on Instagram here and here

Blogger Himanshi Sharma knows how to flaunt her gorgeous red tresses. If you’re going to colour your hair for the first time, red is the shade you should opt for! It looks beautiful on the Indian skintone and we bet you’ll look amazing, too.

6. For the love of blue!

6 hair makeovers - malvika gupta

Image: Malvika Gupta on Instagram here and here

Listen up ladies, blue looks absolutely gorge on girls with dark hair. So, for your next colour job, go with a nice and bright shade of blue and amp up your look. Malvika Gupta here is giving us some major hair goals! I so want my hair to look like this, don’t you?

7. Asymmetrical bob for the win

7 hair makeovers - shanice

Image: Shanice on Instagram here and here

Don’t be afraid to go short, girls. There are so many short hairstyles for you to choose from. Look at Plixxo blogger, Shanice, of herlifestylediary who decided to go for an asymmetrical bob and we love it! To glam it up further, you can always colour it and make it look prettier…

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