15 AMAZING Products To Colour Your Hair… Temporarily!

15 AMAZING Products To Colour Your Hair… Temporarily!
Even if it’s just for a day, every girl has secretly dreamt of colouring her hair. The kind that gives her a brand new look, makes her feel sexy and compliments her personality to perfection. Interestingly, you get temporary hair colour products in the form of sprays, gels, creams, chalks and even mascaras! So if you want to get a hair makeover, here are 15 best products to colour your hair temporarily. Now you can change up your hair as often as you like, without spending a bomb at the salon!

1. BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour - Copper

1 products to colour your hair temporarily Go bold, go sexy with this stunning hair spray. Available in 5 fashionable shades, we picked copper because the shade is unique and will bring out the best in any hair type. Designed to cater to Indian hair, and add a dramatic splash of colour to your mood and day. For a change, let your hair do the talking. *Wink*   Price: Rs 350. Buy it here.

2. High Beams Intense Temporary Spray On Hair Colour - Burgundy

2 products to colour your hair temporarily Want to make a bold fashion statement using subtle colours? This fabulous hair spray should be your go-to product. We love it because it does not damage your hair, and can be easily washed off using good old shampoo. Bring out your wild side with this baby, we say! Price: Rs 600. Buy it here.

3. Hair Flairs Color Rub - Pink

3 products to colour your hair temporarily This product may look like an eyeshadow, but it’s actually for your hair! It works best for highlights and the colour stays on for a whole day. To avoid messy hands, wear gloves while applying it on your locks, and feel free to play around with different styles. Wearing this shade to a party is bound to make you the center of attention! Price: Rs 930. Buy it here.

4. Stargazer UV Colour Streak Hair Mascara Magenta - Neon Red

4 products to colour your hair temporarily Say whattt? You can now colour your hair using a mascara brush? Most definitely! Innovatively designed, this pretty neon red hair mascara is the bomb! Use the magic applicator to streak your hair with splashes of bright red colour. Once you think you’ve had enough, wash it off using shampoo and *poof* just like that, it’s gone!
Price: Rs 1,036. Buy it here.

5. AB Manic Panic Dye Hard Dry-Hard Temporary Hair Color Styling Gel - Electric Lava

5 products to colour your hair temporarily For the girl who is born to stand out, this hair colour styling gel can be her bestie! You can either apply the gel to your hair in thick layers or just a couple of streaks - it’s totally your call. Once applied, leave it to dry, and gently comb your hair. If you notice, the gel has a similar effect on your locks as compared to hair chalk. Slightly expensive, but worth the shot if you ask us! Price: Rs 1,700. Buy it here.

6. Indus Valley Temporary Colouring Chalks Hair Color

6 products to colour your hair temporarily We picked this hair colour chalk set simply because it’s affordable and comes with 6 super cool colours to choose from. You can switch to a new avatar every day! Easy to use and the colour can be washed off as and when you please to do so. It’s just so cool! Price: Rs 179. Buy it here.

7. Joyous Professional Hair Chalk Pens Temporary Hair Dye

7 products to colour your hair temporarily These are quality hair chalks that promise to deliver. Without making a mess or damaging your locks, change up your look whenever you feel like it. These come in three earthy shades, and look great on Indian hair. They’re designed like a lipstick to give you better grip so that while applying, your hands won’t catch colour. How awesome is that, right?
Price: Rs 1,593. Buy it here.

8. Saleh Temporary Hot Huez Hair Color  

8 products to colour your hair temporarily With 4 eye-popping hues to choose from, your hair is going to be in for a real treat. The application is super easy and the colour will stay on your hair for an entire day or two! Price: Rs 292. Buy it here.

9. OneDor® Professional Waxy Hair Chalk Pens

9 products to colour your hair temporarily These non toxic hair chalk pens come in a pack of 6 shimmering shades. They work wonderfully well with every hair type and won’t damage your skin, scalp or hair. These rockstars add the perfect glittery touch to any monotonous outfit. Thus making your look go from drab to FAB! Price: Rs 1,470. Buy it here.

10. Greyfree Professional Temporary Hair Color - Medium Brown

10 products to colour your hair temporarily Premature greying can be a bummer, but not if you have this superhero by your side. It’s designed like a mascara, but is perfect for minor touchups. You can apply it to your strands or sideburns, it gives your hair a fuller, shinier and voluptuous appearance. Price: Rs 632. Buy it here.

11. Colorme by Giuliano Professional Temporary Hair Color - Red Rush

11 products to colour your hair temporarily Tap into your creative side by using this hair color. Even though the packaging looks small, the product defines quality. It comes with a magic wand, to help apply a dash of zesty brightness to your locks
Price: Rs 1,285. Buy it here.

12. BBLUNT B Hive, Volume On Crown Clip-In Hair Extension - Light Brown

12 products to colour your hair temporarily Another way to style and add that pop of colour to your hair is going with clip-in hair extensions. This particular one adds volume to your crown area and creates a contrasting shade with your hair natural colour. Depending on your preference and hair colour, you get them in shades of light and dark brown. Price: Rs 1,700. Buy it here.

13. Roux Temporary Haircolor Touch Up Stick - Black

13 products to colour your hair temporarily Doesn’t this hair colour remind you of a BB stick or a lipstick? Well, it sure does! However, we’re amazed by it simply because it’s so portable and super useful for quick and instant touchups. Compatible with all hair types, this is one beauty essential worth investing in if premature greying is getting you down. Price: Rs 1,346. Buy it here.

14. Instant Highlights Streaks Hair Color Dye Cream

14 products to colour your hair temporarily Glitter makes everything look magical - and we bet that this dye cream will do the same for your hair. Making you feel like Cinderella for the night, the colour fades off by morning! Plus, they’re available in 6 exciting shades! Which one will you pick up first? Price: Rs 1,504. Buy it here.

15. Magik Colored Hair Extension (Multi-Colour) with Pins in Straight Piece

15 products to colour your hair temporarily The beauty about colored hair extensions is that they’ll never go out of fashion. These aren’t only affordable, but you can simply clip them on and they can blend into the rest of your hair. Whenever you feel the need for a change, you can simply take them off and make another colourful switch - as easy as that!
Price: Rs 249. Buy it here. Did this list get you tempted to temporarily colour your hair? Tell us your favourite!