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Of Romance & Retreat: The Keemala Resort In Phuket Is What Honeymoon Dreams Are Made Of!

Of Romance & Retreat: The Keemala Resort In Phuket Is What Honeymoon Dreams Are Made Of!

Glimpses of palm-fringed beaches and sun-kissed hammocks surround your mind once one utters Thailand! “Oh, life must be such a party there,” one thinks. But Thailand as a place is not all about beach parties and bachelorettes. It is a fantastic honeymoon destination if you are planning to choose a tropical paradise, which is not too far away from India. If you want to stay away from the beach and are looking for a vacation retreat, amidst spirituality and nature, then the Keemala Resort in Phuket would be ideal. Oh, and did we tell you that they have a fabulous infinity pool on top of a tree house? Read on to know more about this fabulous retreat…

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First Things First!

The Location: The resort is located in the west coast of Phuket, close to the famous Patong and Surin beach which are famous for the glitzy nightlife. For adventure loving couples, the Kamala beach in the vicinity also offers surfing services. Even though it is tucked away on the hills, it is a stone’s throw away to all the happening pubs and shopping destinations. It is also just a 40 minutes drive from Phuket International Airport which is always a plus!

The Price & Food: Rs 35,000- 45,000 approx with breakfast included. The resort is famous for its vegan, pescetarian and also food options for the calorie concious. There are two major restaurants -  Mala - All Day Dining and Cha La- which which offers poolside dining options.

Best Time To Visit: If you are a monsoon lover then September to October would be best. Otherwise January to May is usually a great time to go.

Why It Is Worth It!

Legend has it that the beautiful Keemala resort was built by four travel clans who found a safe haven in Phuket to reside. This is popularly reflected in the architecture and culture at the resort. With four major clans (or villas) to choose from, guests are truly spoilt for choice.

The Pa Te Pea or the Clay Pool Cottage gives the guests a glimpse of living amidst nature. Once a resting ground for fishermen, carpenters, blacksmiths and gardeners, the rooms are situated on the ground level and the interiors are done in beautiful tribal designs and patterns.

claypool cottage  keemala

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The Khon Jon Clan or the Tent Pool House was built by wanders and is perfect for the free spirited couple who would rather stay in a cozy tent than a standard hotel room. The villa is greatly inspired by wildlife, which is quite evident in its wooden interiors, rainforest shower and a standalone bathtub, situated outside the room.

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The Weha Clan or the Bird’s Nest Pool Villa is elevated from the ground and is a beautifully decorated tree house villa with a private pool, lounge setting and a outdoor shower area. What’s more, the two floor villa even offers some breathtaking views of the tropical rainforest!

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The Rung Nok or the resorts very famous Tree Pool House, as the name suggests, is situated atop a tree! All of two floors, each one of the 7 spacious villas come attached with a master bedroom and a lounge and dining area in the lower level. The main attraction, is most likely, the unbelievable luxury private pool that is attached to the master bedroom and gives some spectacular views of the surrounding rainforest and mountains.

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The Spa

keemala spa

The resort is well known for its spa, namely, the Mala spa that offers customized spa therapies and mediation services along with a wholesome calorie controlled menu that is tailored keeping your tastes and preferences in mind.

Add On Retreats!

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Now who wouldn’t mind a luxury retreat along with a romantic honeymoon? If you and your hubby would love to embark on a spiritual journey together, then Keemala Phuket Resort would be perfect.The resort even offers holistic 3 and 6 night retreat packages with major categories including the Purify, Energize, Unwind and Rejuvenate retreats that offer customized yoga sessions, balanced meal, spa inclusions, meditation classes and couple sauna baths to name a few.

In all, the stunning Keemala Phuket would be an ideal getaway for a week full of peace, love and tranquillement. For other’s pressed for time, a short trip with bae would be a welcome surprise.

Images: Keemala Phuket