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Hydrating Heroes: 10 Must-Have Face Masks You Need To Try Right NOW!

Water may take care of the body’s hydration needs and your parched throat, but your skin needs something extra. Considering the number of hours we spend in air-conditioned (or centrally heated rooms) and the rising pollution levels, the environment is constantly being harsh on our skin, leaving it high and dry. We need to up the ante with our skincare to fight back and retrieve the glow, hydration and our natural skintone. 

Benefits of hydration: Healthier and plumper skin which is less prone to irritation. When the skin is hydrated, it will produce less sebum than it usually does. And you know what that means—no more oily skin.  

When you're looking to achieve hydrated skin, your key ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which is used in a variety of beauty products, including the refreshing face masks we can't stop buying! Ever since K-Beauty brought along hydrating sheet masks, our skincare routines have not been the same. The best part about them (apart from them being super hydrating and moisturising) is that there are many for every skin type.

We have listed a few masks, sheet and otherwise, that you absolutely should get your hands on to give your skin its glow back!   

Published on Dec 23, 2017
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