10 People Share Stories Of Fighting Their Fears & It's So Inspiring

10 People Share Stories Of Fighting Their Fears & It's So Inspiring

Everyone of us has at one point in our lives felt worthless. To be honest it is a feeling that our generation has somehow normalized. But is that right? Is it okay to let your insecurities, or the turbulence life has thrown your way, wear you down? No. POPxo believes that all of us have the ability to be the best version of ourselves. Every battle you fight makes you stronger, braver and bolder. The idea is not to let your fears and insecurities define who you are, instead learn how to live your life with a smile. It is never as easy as it looks, but the fight shapes you into a brilliant person. So, you fight your fears and wear your imperfections like armour. And brave the world, with a smile; no matter who you are, where you come from, what you do and what you've been through. if life gives you trials, it also gives you triumphs. And the victory comes from the battles. 

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When we, at POPxo asked our readers and Plixxo Influencers to come forward with their own versions of stories, as part of our #IBelieveInI campaign, and share their remarkable journey of struggle and finding strength, we were overwhelmed to find such a heart-warming response. Here are the 10 that inspired us the most:

1. Vanessa Jenny Danish

“I accept me the way I am”


My biggest fear or insecurity lately has been #nofilter but here I have tried to work on it although in black and white. Having been blessed with amazing skin all through my teenage PCOS was a blow. It restricted so much of my life but eventually I came around it and learned to accept it and manage it instead of stressing over it... I would like to make a special mention about coming across an old video of @shreyajain26 on the same topic which was kindof comforting and gave me the much needed support. Every time I get low or stressed it triggers a vicious cycle of health problems like skin issues and what not. There was a time I used to crib about it but now I no more consider myself weak cause every time I come back harder than before and I am learning to accept myself completely-all flaws and blemishes as it's all me and that's the way God has made me and #ibelieveingod and #ibelieveini and it's changed me as a person- my perspective on life and all so m gonna work on making the rest of my life the best of my life and filter everything which disrupts my peace of mind. I accept me the way I am and that's what matters at the end of the day as I refuse to be a people pleaser anymore.✌🏻 #believer#ibelieveingod#ibelieveini#iambeautiful#blackandwhitephotography#scars#scarsarebeautiful#immabelieveinmyself#butterflytattoo#crosstattoo#butterflyflyaway#vanessameansbutterfly#vanessadreams#snippetsofvanessadreams#plixxo#plixxoinsider @plixxo @popxodaily

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2. Dimple Mehta

“You are your best asset.”


I’ve come a long way from when I was insecure about my weight. A lot of people made me feel that way ever since I was a child. I still remember how ashamed I would feel to eat something I liked while going out for lunch with anyone. They never let me forget. And when my then boyfriend, who was the one person I relied the most on said I was fat and ugly and that no one would love me, it broke me. A few years later, I left him. But his words stayed with me. A lot of other things added and I began to hate myself. I fell into a 2 year long depression. The decision to face my insecurities and turn that into my strength was the best decision of my life. The immense love, support and acceptance I received from you guys played an important role. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING at all is better than believing in yourself. You are your best asset. Bet on yourself. @plixxo Thank you for making me reflect on this. I’ve come out so much stronger. #IBelieveInI #Plixxo @popxodaily

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3. Pushti Bhatia

“Speak your heart out”


Adventure & travel are two things which complete me. I am always in search of people who can bear my craziness and me and join me in my craziness. Glad that we met, glad that you asked me for pictures. Thanks for joining me in my craziness and *mesmerising* me. Being a thantophobic, the biggest fear or the insecurity I ever have is loosing people I love the most. What I have learnt from my past experiences that no matter how harsh the consequences are, it all depends on how firmly you hold on to it. Talking to each other, speaking your heart out, breaks that wall and helps in reviving the relation. Staying quiet makes things worse. So Trust yourself, Believe yourself.Accept all of yourself. Speak your heart out, Let it go with the flow.  #IBELIEVEINME @mes_mar_rising . . #IBelieveInI #Plixxo #followmeto #plixxobypopxodaily#instagood #instastyle#plixxobloggers#jodhpur#dayout #suncity#shotonmi#canon#eos #travellife#travelgoals#mehrangarh#instadaily#igersjodhpur#bluecity @popxodaily @plixxo

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4. Saloni Shah

“Fear of failure shouldn’t stop you”


Every human has one thing in common - Insecurity. We all have our own insecurities and are fighting to deal with some kind of fear within us. Some people have difficulty accepting it whilst others make it their strength. My insecurity has always been around what other people would think or say about me. This paired with fear of failure has stopped me from doing some big things which I really wanted & visioned for my life. On growing towards self loving & confidence, I came to the realisation that what others think about me wasn’t important & the main pursuit lied in what I thought about myself, which raised the question, why should that stop me from achieving the things I really want in my life? With that sudden awareness I recognised the fact that I am truly blessed to be surrounded by the best people who are my constant source of encouragement and positivity and who make me believe in not only myself but my dreams. Once that dawned upon me, that what people thought or said didn’t matter at all, my outlook to life changed and I started doing things for myself which made me feel amazing & grow towards becoming a stronger person. As long as my true friends and family knew who I was, it didn’t matter what others thought. Fear of failure had stopped me from starting my blog for a very long time, I could’ve started 2 years ago, but due to lack of confidence I didn’t believe in myself enough. My friends then sat me down, made me ponder & self reflect which made me eventually believe that I have to do this for myself & to move forward & achieve the things I want. Fear of failure shouldn’t stop you from playing the game. ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF no matter what and you’ll achieve everything you’ve wanted and more. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? #IbelieveInI #Plixxo @popxodaily @plixxo

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5. Avika Jain

“I'm building my life myself”


(read the caption) This poem is about every girl's fight with herself and the society. Girls, fight your fears! (sorry, if you think i went a bit too bold towards the end, but that's how it is meant to be) ✨ -×- I meet newer people everyday i'm not generalizing, but the generation that my grandparents are from is the most biased it always tries to teach me i was never worthy enough my brother, even if he did nothing to deserve something is still superior to me i thank god for now that i can't be the heir to nothing i'm building my life myself i thank god that i did not inherit even a drop for i don't want to carry this suffocating discrimination as a gift from my ancestors as for me, i'll teach my sons they do not deserve everything just because they took birth and will always tell my daughters that when they walk and when they talk they twinkle, for they got fire thus, neutralizing what the society gives them both because everything has to be earned your penises aren't your passport to free living and your vaginal holes don't decide, that you'll have to take every junk they give. -Avika 💖 #IBelieveinI #Plixxo @popxodaily @plixxo

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6. Onkar Kavatkar

"The dusky dapper"


When I was a kid I used to get bullied many a times because of my skin tone. People used to call me with so many weird and untoward names referring to my complexion. It was very hurtful seeing people laugh at you for something that you did not ask for! It took me a while to realized that there is no shame in being dusky, Coz it's a benediction and we should value the everything that we have or who we actually are! So I thought of doing something for myself and for those few out there who get bugged for the same. And from that "the dusky dapper" rose! That is me, my presence, my experience my existence my belief! Just believe in yourself and you'll do anything that people once said you can't ! That is why I always say, "dusky is not just a color or skin tone, it is an emotion!" #desi #desilook #contemporaryart #indianlook #authentic #rustic #rusticlook #indowestern #bloggerlife #influencer #fashioninfluencer #menslook #indianfashionblogger #fashionblogger #mumbaiblogger #mumbaifashionblogger #blogger #classy #elegant #different #styleblogger #aboutlook #instanew #ootdsubmit #instagood #picoftheday #ibelieveini #theduskydapper #teamduskydapper

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7. Poulomi Chakraborty

“Be strong, be beautiful”


I have always been insecure about my body. Ever since I can remember I was thick, to be more precise, Fat. Yes. That's the word. But it wasn't the only thing that made me insecure, I was also very insecure about my skin. In the beginning years of my teenage, I used to think "Why can't I be fair?" "Why can't I be pretty like other girls?" Blah blah blah. I have heard it all. I have also heard therapies to cure my "Fat". If it wasn't enough, I was also criticized about cutting my long hair short. It wasn't long before I realized people are going to have a problem no matter what you do. Yes, I have thick arms, so thick that I can almost block the negativity towards my body. I have thighs so thick that jeans can't help but flatter them. I have a skin so beautiful, that it shines like the darkest night and leads you to light. I have blemishes on my face proving I cherish experiences more than make up. I have short hair, that marks the rebel against all norms of standards that society teaches about being beautiful. Be strong, be beautiful, be pretty awesomeness, pretty sassiness and be bold! Over all, believe in yourself! #IBelieveInI #plixxo @popxodaily @plixxo

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8. Ankitaa Mendhekar

“I know exactly where I'm going”


At the start of this year, I found myself in a very difficult position where I would get anxiety attacks. And it was so bad that I would find myself in tears and not knowing what to do next. To top it, I did not really feel like telling anyone, fearing that they would judge me and honestly, I wanted to be left alone. But eventually I realised that I did not like what I had become and only I can help myself. So, in the persuit of changing this rough patch around, I surrounded myself with people, no matter if they supported me or not - because I needed to get out of the rut that I was stuck in. I filled my entire day with work and spending time with my family and meeting people. Whenever @preshitanarkar asks why do I let people who criticize me slide by, I have only one thing to say - it's because I know they are not worth my time and I got shit loads of better things to do in life than to explain to people who call themselves my friends why I'm doing what I'm doing. When I look back at the last one year, I am EXTREMELY PROUD of where I have reached and I know exactly where I'm going. At times, I find myself lost and don't know what to do next, but I make sure that I power through it. Because I know I still have a lot of things to do! I'm no motivational speaker but I would like to tell all the people out there who face insecurities, the first step to overcome them is to accept that you have one. And I promise you, everything will fall into place. The only important thing that you need to remember is to smile through it all. I don't know how this post is going to affect people or if it will at all, but I'm glad to have put this post up. #IBelieveInI #Plixxo @popxodaily @plixxo

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9. Aishwarya Ediga

“You are worthy”


Having a big nose has always been a major insecurity of mine. Us girls with big noses have some serious struggles.. . . . We know we have big noses, we’ve been told by plenty of people that we do, but if you haven’t noticed it yet, we don’t want to bring it to your attention. We have a small mustard seed of hope that you’ve noticed our beautiful eyes, gorgeous hair or cute outfit and maybe it hasn’t stuck out in your mind!! Every girl is beautiful in her own way!! We girl's should stop being insecurity with our problems and shouldn't care about what other people think about us!! I Can only say that.. . . Believe in yourself, your abilities and your own potential. Never let self-doubt hold you captive. You are worthy of all that you dream of and hope for.” . . . . . . . #plixxocampaign #IbelieveInI #ibeliveinit #insecurities #plixxoblogger #plixxobypopxo #popxodaily #plixxoinsider #bloggersofinstagram #blogger #pictureoftheday #positivevibes #fashionblogger #beautyblogger #instagood #instagram #instapost #instago #followforfollow #followme #bengaluru #mysore #karnataka #India

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10. Pooja Rajesh

“Fall in love with yourself”


Being a skinny girl, I've grown up with nicknames like 'sukdi', 'machis', hearing phrases like 'the wind is gonna blow you away' that were seemingly innocent at the age, and didn't really make me ponder about it until adolescence happened. Then, my body was suddenly the subject that brought about laughter and remarks, and I mean this not in a good way. Hearing "you should workout" "you're so bony" "boys like a little meat on girls" "let me compare the size of your wrists" "I could break you like a twig" was not at all uncommon! I grew up hating my body. I grew up insecure about my skinny arms and non existent butt, hated the genes my parents gave me; not aware of how many people would kill to just have a well functioning body. I just wanted to be accepted. To not care about my appearance for once. To stop cursing myself everytime I saw a girl with a perfect figure. To NOT be judged or known as that "tall and thin girl" All my friends were never as tall as me, and definitely not as thin as me. I felt all alone even in a crowd. Nothing helped; gym sessions, changing my diet, wearing the most over sized clothes I could find in order to hide my shape (even though it looked really unflattering) I tried everything a 17 year old could do. This led to almost zero self esteem, and a series of bad relationships; romantic and otherwise, and by then I said to myself: Enough is enough! Numerous counseling sessions, talking to my family, lots of training to love myself, patience, and I'm finally at a stage of life where I don't spend every minute obsessing over my appearance, I wear what I like, surround myself with people who don't care whether I'm tall or thin; they just like me for me. Now, I'm so much more grateful for everything that I've been provided with. This is my story. A reminder that you are NOT what you look like. So no matter what what you do, the ones who want to judge you, will always find a reason to do so, and the ones who are true to you, will love you irrespective of what you look like! So, fall in love with yourself! People can choose to like me, or choose not to; Either way, I have my mental peace :) #IBelieveInI #Plixxo @plixxo @popxodaily

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Stay true to yourself and you’ll always find a way back!