#DIY: Last Minute Gifting Ideas If You STILL Haven't Found The Perfect Present

#DIY: Last Minute Gifting Ideas If You STILL Haven't Found The Perfect Present

Nobody wants to settle for generic store-bought gifts when it comes to their special ones. But finding a well thought out gift isn’t an easy task. Especially when it’s already Christmas Eve and you didn’t plan ahead! If you’ve been procrastinating the job for way too long, here are one-of-a-kind super easy DIY gifting ideas for you. You’ve landed on this article, just in time!

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1. Safety Pin Bracelet

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We all have that one person in our life who has junk jewellery like Phoebe Buffay to go with every outfit. Make a super cute and personalised safety pin bracelet for this accessory junkie in your life! All you need is safety pins, colourful beads and thread - it’s that easy!

Stuff you’ll need: Safety pins (Rs 200), Sewing Thread (Rs 275)

2. Tassel Accessories

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Whether it’s on a dupatta or an earring in itself, tassels have been around for a while. And we all know someone who has a soft spot for the trend! Here’s an easy guide to making your own tassels. Use them to make DIY tassel earrings, bag accessories or anything your friend might have a fetish for! Even your favourite Bollywood celebrities are lovingly embracing the trend.  

Stuff you’ll need: Embroidery thread kit (Rs 642)

3. Mini Polaroid Magnets

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Have a knack for clicking too many pictures? Are you known as the memory maker of the group? This Christmas, gift your friends a little something they’ll always remember you for.  Polaroid magnets using your favourite pictures is an easy last-minute DIY gift idea on rakhi as well. It’s an easy-breezy task!

Stuff you’ll need: Magnet sheet (Rs 1,424), Scissors (Rs 160)

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4. Button Bookmarks

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This is probably the easiest DIY you’ll ever find. A bunch of paperclips and old buttons are easy to find. All you have to do is stick them together for an adorable bookmark. Your booklover friend would love to receive this as a gift! Consider, the paperclips as an IOU, after all, you can always gift them new books or a bookshop vouchers for their growing library later.

5. Personalised Mug

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If you don’t know someone who needs a cup of coffee to start their day, you’re probably the one who does. Either way, a cute, personalised mug is something everyone will use and cherish. Quite a saviour for a last minute gift!

Stuff you’ll need: Plain white mug (Rs 199), Metallic spray paint (Rs 699)