9 Photos Of Your Bridal Lehenga That You Just Can't Afford To Miss!

9 Photos Of Your Bridal Lehenga That You Just Can't Afford To Miss!

Even though you wear your wedding outfit for just a day, it leaves behind beautiful memories for posterity! It is not just a wedding outfit then, it becomes an emotion in itself, one that you’ll always look back at with great love and satisfaction. The time and effort that goes behind zeroing down the ‘chosen one’ is no easy task and that’s why every detail of it must be captured on your wedding day. We have put together a list of 9 wedding outfit photos that celebrate every aspect of the masterpiece.

1. The Hanger Shot

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You must’ve seen this shot in almost every wedding album. And trust us, it is important to capture your gorgeous outfit in all it’s glory before you actually wear it! Be it hanging on a personalized hanger or spread across the bed of your wedding suite, you just can’t miss this one!  

2. The beautiful neckline


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The neckline of your blouse and the work that it features, is something you’ll totally stress about while customizing your lehenga. A close up shot of your neckline is not just flattering but also captures the exquisite details of your wedding outfit.

3. It’s All In The Details!

It is true, real magic lies in the details. We all know the famous love story lehenga that designer Kresha Bajaj wore on her wedding. South Indian actress Samantha Prabhu's lehenga pictures, too went viral not just because it looked pretty but because its embroidery depicted that very moment when her beau proposed to her. Wouldn’t this now call for some photographic attention? If you have an embroidery pattern in your lehenga that tells a story or a detail that is special to you, then make sure you celebrate it by photographing it!

4. Chunari Chunari


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A dupatta or a chunari is the heart of a wedding outfit. Why not flaunt it in your wedding pictures then! A back shot to show off the embroidery or a close up of the border, take your pick depending on the work you wish to capture.

5. Twirl Magic

Now is there anything more prettier than watching a bride happily twirl on her wedding day?! Whether you want it to be candid or a perfectly timed twirl shot, make sure you pick a backdrop that contrasts with your wedding outfit. Also, you do want to show off that fabulous ghera, don’t you?!

6. The Magical Veil Shot

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Veils are gaining all the popularity and we love how they add such a regal touch to the bride’s look. Capture it in the most beautiful way then, with a veiled picture just like this one. Even though this one is a full length shot, a close up too would work wonders. It’s also a great way to capture subtle details of the dupatta.

7. Happy Flare

Give your regular portrait shots a miss and take a pretty sitting shot like this. This would really work if you want to showcase the beautiful embroidery on the lehenga flare. So just sit cross legged with your bridal poise, and we are telling you, it’ll be one of the most beautiful pictures in your wedding album.

8. Show off that can-can


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Elegant with a hint of sexy, here’s a pose you just can’t miss. A perfect capture for when you want to show off your footwear, the mehendi and also flaunt all that can-can and flare that gives your bridal lehenga a truly royal feel.

9. Hello sexy back!

How can your wedding album be complete without a photo of you flaunting your blouse back! It captures everything from the design to the latkans and your tattoo (if you’ve got it, you gotta flaunt it!).

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