Can't Keep Calm! Urban Decay Steps Into Skincare With A Facial Oil

Can't Keep Calm! Urban Decay Steps Into Skincare With A Facial Oil

Dewy skin rode the natural make-up trend wave in 2017, leaving us high and (not) dry! As we tried to attain “glass-like” skin, our lips got glossier. While I was hunting for the perfect beauty buy that’d help me get this look, I got GOOD news. Urban Decay announced the launch of a Drop Shot Mix-In Facial Oil. (Let me text my cousin in the US and come back to you!)

How It Works

As you might’ve guessed by the name, you can mix this bad boy with your existing foundation for a sheer, more luminous finish and of course, banish cakey skin for good! You can also use this elixir on bare skin for a smoother finish and a ‘lit-from-within’ glow. I honestly gravitate towards products that make my no make-up, make-up look more luminous, so I am totally looking forward to this launch.

Urban Decay Drop Shot Mix-In Facial Oil

If this product is any indication, UD, known for their signature Naked palette and unicorn highlighters, might be dipping further into the skincare department (and I am elated!). We don’t know a lot of things, like will it be sticky, tacky or matte? Will it work on various skin types or will there be different oils according to skin type? But we know, that this one is a little delayed for your holiday list this party season, as it is reportedly launching on December 26th. We will have to wait until Urban Decay decides to reveal more information about this miracle product.

For now… I’d start making some calls. Just saying.