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We’ve Listed Out The Most Comedogenic Facial Oils For You To Stay AWAY From!

We’ve Listed Out The Most Comedogenic Facial Oils For You To Stay AWAY From!

If only I had a penny for everytime somebody asked me to use coconut oil on my face, I’d be a millionaire…(right?) Everyone has a nuska for better skin and it’s best to take these recommendations with a pinch of salt, even if they come from your grannies. Sure, I love facial oils too and those tutorials on Instagram make me want to grab my own bottle. But it’s important to do your research, not all oils are made equal and not all oils should end up on your face. Sure it may not have caused issues for the 10 people who recommended them to you, but that doesn’t mean you blindly follow suit.

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Using a facial oil can be a boon to any skincare routine, even acne-prone and oily skin can benefit from using the *right* oil. But some oils should be avoided because they’re comedogenic, they may cause irritation and lead to breakouts in the long run. Just because the oil works magic on your hair and body, does not mean it will have the same effect on your face.

Comedogenic Meaning


What Ratings Mean

List Of Comedogenic Oils

List Of Non-Comedogenic Oils

What Does Comedogenic Mean?

Comedogenic means acne causing or pore clogging. Each oil is rated on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the most acne-causing. You basically should be staying away from oils that are anything above a 2 on the comedogenic scale.


Here’s What Ratings Mean

0 – Does not clog pores
1 – Low possibility of clogging pores
2 – A moderate possibility of clogging pores
3 – Moderate
4 – Fairly high
5 – A high possibility of clogging pores

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Here’s a list of comedogenic oils. Treat this as your “Oils to avoid” list

These are all oils that have a rating of 3-5 on the comedogenic scale. The possibility that these may cause acne is fairly high.

– Coconut oil (Sorry, coconut oil lovers, just keep it off your face)


– Palm Oil

– Wheat Germ Oil

– Cocoa Butter

– Coconut Butter


– Flax Seed Oil

Here’s a list of non-comedogenic oils. Treat this as your “Oils to use” list

These are all oils that have a rating of 0-2 on the comedogenic scale. The possibility that these may cause acne are fairly low. You can safely use them as moisturising oils or as a cleansing oil.

– Argan Oil

– Rose Hip Seed Oil


– Grape Seed Oil

– Jojoba Oil

– Olive Oil

– Avocado Oil


Now that you know what the best face oil is, you’ll never have to suffer from clogged pores or an accidental breakout again.

Problematic skin? These facial oils are designed to help you wake up looking your best, no matter what your skin type! There’s one cult-favourite facial oil that makeup artists and celebrities have been raving about, and it’s made in India. Check it out!

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