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7 Of The *Best* French Pharmacy Products That You Can Buy Online!

7 Of The *Best* French Pharmacy Products That You Can Buy Online!

If you’ve ever been to France you know how overwhelmingly romantic it is! Those beautiful streets, bold red lips and glowing skin are something you can’t seem to get enough of when in France. If you know a little bit about French beauty secrets, you’d know that French pharmacy products are amazing! French skincare products simple, multi-tasking and very effective. Makeup artists and beauty lovers all over the world swear by these products. Remember micellar water? Yep, straight from France. The upside is that you no longer need a passport or a travelling friend to hook you up with them. We have some pretty amazing French pharmacy products available online. Check em out!

1.  Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water (Rs 561) 

french pharmacy products online Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

This fragrance-free micellar water removes even the most stubborn makeup with ease. Waterproof mascara, liquid lipstick, sunscreen break down on contact. It’s the perfect product to add to your daily morning and evening pre-cleansing rituals. It has been designed to be used for all skin types.

2. Bioderma Photoderm Max Compact Spf 50+ (Rs 2410)

french pharmacy products online Bioderma Photoderm Max Compact


The Photoderm compact is a genius way to keep yourself protected from the sun while you’re on the go. A secret to ageing gracefully is protecting yourself from the sun. None of us really end up applying sunscreen every 3 hours, a compact is a great way to protect your skin and get pretty. It’s definitely worth the splurge!

3. Avene Cleanance Gel (Rs 1,290)

french pharmacy products online Avene Cleanance Gel

A soap-free face wash that works wonders for your acne prone skin. Dermatologists love it and everyone who has ever used this knows exactly how beneficial it’s been for their skin. It’s one of those products that keeps acne at bay while cleansing, soothing and purifying your skin.

4. Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate (Rs 1,181)

EMBR0004F 1 L


This versatile product can be used as a moisturiser, primer or even a makeup remover. Sworn-in to their beauty arsenal by many a makeup artists over the world, this lotion will hydrate your skin leaving it plump, soft and supple. People with dry skin particularly love this one. 

5. Caudalie – Beauty Elixir (Rs 1,264)

french pharmacy products online Caudalie - Beauty Elixir

Another one of those multi-tasking miracles, this beauty elixir can be used as a toner, setting spray and priming base. It has been enriched with grapes, rose oil and rosemary to hydrate your skin and tighten your pores. Spritz in on through the day as and when required for a burst of hydration and immediate freshness.

6. A-Derma Epitheliale AH (Rs 553)

french pharmacy products online A-Derma Epitheliale AH


A cream designed to soothe, repair and nourish broken skin – this was one moisturiser I’d never leave the house without in Delhi winters. I’ve used it to repair my acne prone skin, moisturise dry elbows and knees and even mixed some in with foundation. It has oat extracts and hyaluronic acid to soften and hydrate even the most sensitive of skin types. 

7. L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream (Rs 7,110)

french pharmacy products online L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Creamm

Saving the best for last, this cream aptly called immortelle has been designed to fight signs of ageing, smoothen out wrinkles, brighten up your skin tone and increase the elasticity of your skin. Keeping you well, immortal! It has a gorgeous texture that melts right into your skin leaving it luminous and hydrated. 

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16 Aug 2018
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