20 Thoughts I Had When I Met My In-Laws For The First Time!

20 Thoughts I Had When I Met My In-Laws For The First Time!

You sure want to make a lasting first impression when you visit your in-laws. And as a would-be daughter-in-law, you need to be subtle yet effective in communication. That would mean weeks of preparation in front of the mirror and asking for last moment tips from the ones who have done it before. Fortunately, I was amongst the lucky few who had already developed a bond with my in-laws even before meeting them in person and felt welcomed in the family. However, like everyone else, I was a bit nervous about meeting them. Here are a few thoughts I had while meeting my in- laws for the very first time.

1. “How should I greet them? Should I touch their feet?”

1 Meeting in laws

2. “Are they exactly the same as they appeared on phone or Skype?”

3. “How will they welcome me?”

4. “I hope they really like me in person like they did on the phone.”

5. “Can I behave in the same manner as I did on the phone? Can I be as free as I am in real life or do I need to be a bit formal?”

5 meeting in laws

6. “Should I take some gifts for them? If yes, then what?”

7. “What’s there for the dinner for me? Since they know what I like, will I be served some really great food?” (Can’t help, food is on my mind 24x7)

8. “Can I wear my favourite tea-length dress which makes me look the best? Or do I need to be in a traditional outfit?”

9. “What if I end up saying something which I shouldn’t? How will I make up for it?”

10. “Are they going to ask me serious questions? Or will they be as friendly and chilled out?”

10 meeting in laws

11. “Have they stalked me enough on social media to get an insight of my social life?”

12. “It’s a joint family, how will it go with the rest of the family members?”

13. “Will they jump into discussing the wedding date already?”

14. “Are they really so cool about things? I hope they don’t change after marriage.”

15. “I don’t like his sister, how do I fake it in front of them?”

15 meeting in laws

16. “Have they already figured about all the secret vacations I took with their son?”

17. “What’s that one thing they would really have a problem with?”

18. “What is that they really expect from me?”

19. “I hope they allow me my space and not invade my privacy.”

20. “I hope my mother-in-law understand me as good as my mother does!”

20 meeting in-laws

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