11 Thoughts You Think Before You Decide To Make A Move On Him

11 Thoughts You Think Before You Decide To Make A Move On Him

“I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love.” Let’s just say Marilyn Monroe had her priorities in order. And we say, if you’ve got to find someone to love, then a little toil and effort on your part may be necessary. Now that you’re all geared up, this is just a heads up for the roller coaster ride of thoughts that may zip through your head when it’s really time to act on your feelings…

1. “Bloody hell, he is hot! I wonder if he’ll  be as good with the other stuff?

1 makes a move on a guy - hell he is hot

2. “Maybe it’s a good idea to stop staring and make a move.”

3. “But wait, will he think that I’m super desperate to be the one to make the first move?”

4. “What the hell, I am a young, independent girl and there are no rules for who makes the first move, in this time and age, right?!

4 makes a move on a guy - how much i need you right now

5. “Well I hope, he thinks the same too. And if he does, then we’re obviously made for each other.”

6. “Maybe he’s been dying to make the first move, but he’s just too shy and doesn’t want to overwhelm me I guess. Come to Mama!”

7. “Oops, he’s not even looking in my direction, that’s weird. Oh wait on, he’s probably just playing it cool by ignoring me.”

7 makes a move on a guy - look at me

8. “Oh hello mister, look here please. How often do you get a hot girl like me making a move on you?”

9. “Shhhh (to the mindless chatter in my head), don’t you see I am trying to plan something here?”

10. “What if he’s here waiting for his girlfriend, and she screams bloody murder as soon as she sees me drooling over her man?!”

9 makes a move on a guy - planning something

11. “Forget it, let’s just go for the kill.”

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