2 Doggos, 2 Hoomans And This Cutesy 'Save The Date' Photoshoot Will Make You Go Aww!

2 Doggos, 2 Hoomans And This Cutesy 'Save The Date' Photoshoot Will Make You Go Aww!

There is nothing sweeter and purer than a dog's love and everyone who has ever owned a pooch knows that. Even if you haven't had a pet doggo or any other furry buddy, but go gaga over them every time you spot one, you will totally know what we mean.

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Plixxo Super Blogger, Kavya D'souza of Streak Hue Fall is getting engaged this month. And as a matter of luck (and love), both she and her fiance Anish are big time dog lovers. Kavya has a beagle named Myrah and Anish has Ziah, a labrador. Both of them love their furry friends to the moon and back, so when they wanted to announce their engagement date to everyone, they thought of including their pets in the photoshoot. Such a cute thought, no? Captured by Nikita Mhatre, the results of this photoshoot are even more adorable. Here are all the pictures from this super adorbs photoshoot.

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The bride-to-be shared...

“I met Anish when he had just come down from Dubai for his studies and it was a classic case of strangers turning friends and soon falling in love. From then to now we have seen each other through everything from the unforgettable college years to the figuring-out-life phase, a long distance relationship (that’s harder than it seems!) and two pooches. So after 11 years of being a gang of two, when Anish and I finally decided to put a ring on it, it was no surprise to anyone who knew us.

For the engagement invites we wanted to keep it extremely personal and real for our guests and it seemed only natural to shoot with Myrah (my Beagle) and Ziah (Anish’s Labrador) as they’ve played key witnesses to our story. Nikita who shot these images for us, made it easier than we thought as she specialises in pet photography and knew exactly how to work through the set of images we had in mind in a limited period of time. Needless to say, these images have made it to our top memories for life and this Save the Date with our furbabies only made the whole announcement more special to everyone.”

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Cuteness overload, huh?!