7 *Gorgeous* Bridal Beauty Looks To Inspire Your Wedding Avatar!

7 *Gorgeous* Bridal Beauty Looks To Inspire Your Wedding Avatar!

A bride is no less than a celebrity on her wedding day. Deepika and Katrina are no competition on her special occasion. And, to make sure that she’s looking her gorgeous best on her D-Day, every bride plans her look days well in advance. So, if you are looking for some bridal beauty and make-up inspiration for your shaadi, then look no further. Well, that’s because we searched and found 7 brides who had the prettiest make-up looks on their wedding. Check ‘em out and thank us later!

1. Contour your way through it


Image: Gautam Khullar Photography

Whoever said that contouring was so 2016, was SO wrong! This gorgeous bride has the most subtle make-up on (and just look at her golden lehenga!), but her bold eyes and perfect contouring are so on point, that they made her look like an angel almost. We also really love her dark and contrasting lip colour! #MakeUpGoals

2. The classic kohled look never goes out of fashion

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Image: Deepti Khaitan Makeup

The peach lehenga, the passa and of course that gorgeous bridal glow - all of them together make her look heavenly. And, apart from the excitement of getting married, we have to give some credit to her make-up artist for giving her face that dewy finish. Her dark kohl-rimmed eyes stand out and make her look oh-so-stunning.

3. Pink lips, pink lips...


Image: Rehat Brar

This beauty, who opted for a dark green lehenga on her wedding day, did something even more unique when she opted for a really bright pink lipstick that contrasted with her outfit completely! And we definitely are not complaining! Her otherwise natural make-up look balances everything out.

4. Coz’ subtle looks best… always!


Image: Rehat Brar

Yes, it does, and this pretty one here proves it. She opted for a nude-coloured lipstick, natural make-up, and those dark smokey eyes added all the needed drama to her look. Need we say anything more?

5. Midnight blues

We are in LOVE with this bride’s darkest of dark blue eyeshadow. It takes some guts to pull it off and she’s doing it like a boss. We would suggest you go for such dramatic eye make-up for your reception rather than the wedding.

6. In all her shimmery glory

Don’t you just love the pinkity pink bride we have here? She looks so adorable with that gorgeous smile. And we also really like the way she has coordinated her outfit and make-up in various shades of pink. But, what stands out most is her shimmery eye make-up, and we’re in love!

7. Coloured liner rocks

Yes, just like in the case of really bold eye-shadow, not everybody can pull off coloured eyeliner! But this fashionista here did not just opt for a unique teal green lehenga for her wedding day, but even matched her eyeliner to it and she is legit #goals in all her green glory.