Neha Bhasin's Wedding Pictures Are Even Better Than A Disney Film!

Neha Bhasin's Wedding Pictures Are Even Better Than A Disney Film!

Her voice is magical, her songs are classic and no Indian wedding is complete without her eternal ‘Nai Jaana’ song. Well, no points for guessing! We’re talking about none other than the sensational Neha Bhasin herself. The singer had a disney themed wedding at Tuscany on the 23rd of October last year and the pictures are nothing but gorgeous. “The wedding was a Disney movie without trying too hard. My best friend married us, we said our vows on a hill at a vineyard in Chianti. We cried and we fell in love again. It was a perfect wintry day... Gods were watching,” shared Neha in an interview with HT.

It was exactly on this day last year that she broke the good news with a series of pictures on Twitter. So, here are we, with some memorable moments from Neha’s wedding, beautifully captured by Burn Pixels. Take a look!   

The Pre wedding Shoot

2  neha bhasin

1 neha bhasin

The Announcement

5  neha bhasin

The Sangeet Look

6  neha bhasin

Neha’s beautiful pink sangeet sharara was created by Shivani Cherian.

8  neha bhasin

The Serene Decor

10  neha bhasin

11  neha bhasin

12  neha bhasin

Happy Brides Are The Prettiest

9  neha bhasin

15  neha bhasin

14  neha bhasin

13 neha bhasin

The Beautiful Wedding Of The Adorable Couple

16  neha bhasin

17  neha bhasin

18  neha bhasin

Neha’s beautiful wedding gown was made by Tanieya Khanuja.

19  neha bhasin

20 neha bhasin21  neha bhasin

22  neha bhasin

24  neha bhasin

4  neha bhasin

3  neha bhasin

We wish you years of joy and togetherness!