9 Fights You Have With Your Best Friend At Some Point In Life

9 Fights You Have With Your Best Friend At Some Point In Life

I remember the first time my bestfriend and I had a fight, she told me I needed to eat better (I was suffering from anorexia) and it ended up being a day long discussion about how much she cared about my health. I learnt a lot that day, about our bond and how she will always be brutally honest with me. She’s your shoulder to cry on, the one person who is invariably your rock. Your best friend is the most important person in your life, but don’t you fight with the most with the ones you care about? That’s why I listed down the 9 most frequent fights your best friend and you have had at some point or the other.

1. I’m Drunk And You’re A Mom

We all have that bestfriend who doubles up as a mom and as much as we love her when we’re sober, she’s the worst drinking partner ever! (Actually she’s the best and you just enjoy being irresponsible).

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2. You Love Her More

Everytime a guy enters the picture, your bestfriend automatically becomes obsessed with him and you start to think she’s ignoring you. She might or might not be, and that’s totally subjective but these conversations always start a fight.

3. I Care About You

You love your best friend from the bottom of your heart and sometimes that shows in the most inconvenient ways. Like when you delete their ex boyfriend off their facebook or ask them to stop drinking coke instead of water, it isn’t good for you!

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4. Dibs On Everything

“I wanted that!” yeah well, I got it. So maybe just share? Usually though these conversation are about calling shotgun for the passenger seat.  

5. The Reality Check

There is absolutely nothing wrong in telling your best friend that she is making bad decisions. You know her better than most (and sometimes, better than she would know herself, even) and if she needs the reality check, give it to her without worrying about the consequences.

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6. Your Boyfriend Is An Ass

We’ve all been there! She’s dating a boy who can barely keep his eyes off the waitress when he’s with her, he isn’t her one true love and you can see it despite her rose-tinted glasses.

7. You Need Help

Her mental health is as important as yours, so if you think she needs to go see a therapist because your wine and netflix sessions aren’t solving her problems anymore. Bringing in the professional guns can be a task.

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8.Stop Spending Money

She clearly didn’t need the last Gucci bag she got, or that four screen Netflix account (which her boyfriend and you mooch off), the money talk can be tricky so tread carefully.

9. Please Love Yourself

This woman is the strongest person you know, she doesn’t understand how her bravery has gotten you through your toughest times. So don’t let her forget that, remind her time and again how she deserves the world!

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You go, girls!

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