#MythNoMore: Is Egg Yolk Really GOOD For Your Hair?

#MythNoMore: Is Egg Yolk Really GOOD For Your Hair?

Be it a new hairstyle or even colouring my hair, I love experimenting with my hair! In a nutshell, I’m all up for taking beauty risks. A couple of months ago, I read an article on the benefits of applying egg yolk on your hair. Apparently, egg yolks make your locks shinier and glossy too. I decided to take it upon myself to figure out if there was any truth to it. So here’s what I did, I got home from work yesterday I changed into my PJs, dashed into the kitchen and got to business. By the end of it, the results amazed me!    


- Egg Yolk

- Olive Oil

3 egg yolk


I added one egg yolk to half a cup of olive oil in a bowl. I whisked the two ingredients together till I was left with a thick, gooey paste. Then, I applied the mask to my damp hair with a brush. I tied my hair into a bun and rinsed it off after 30 minutes (my playlist helped me pass time).

1 egg yolk

What It Claims 

This remedy aims at strengthening and softening hair (egg yolks are high in protein) and to also give it a shine.

Expert Speak

I wanted some clarity on this subject and looped in one of my favourite hairstylists in the beauty industry. Ankur Thakkar, hairstylist and consultant with L'Oréal Salons had an interesting take on this DIY home remedy. “I would say yes, but not always,” he advised. It’s no secret that egg yolks are high on proteins. Since proteins are the building blocks of your body, a hair mask full of amino acids and cysteine will only help hair texture. “However, the biggest challenge is a pungent odour,” admits Thakkar. “Make sure you wash your hair thoroughly after using an egg mask,” advises Thakkar.

Do egg yolks really work?

After washing the egg mask off my hair, I patted by strands dry using a towel and called it a night. Today when I woke up, there was definitely something different about my hair. The frizz was gone, my curls looked structured and my hair felt super soft and smooth. It also looked shinier in the sun!

2 egg yolk

The Verdict

If you have time to spare, then you totally should try this hair mask out. The only con was an unwanted whiff of eggs in my mane. There’s nothing much I can do about it, but wait it out. Otherwise, I think this natural hair DIY mask is gold!