Hey Baby Sister, Here's Everything I Want To Say To You On Your Wedding Day!

Hey Baby Sister, Here's Everything I Want To Say To You On Your Wedding Day!

Dear little one,

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Today is the big day that we thought about as kids as we played with our doll sets. It’s your wedding day, dearest one and I cannot find enough words to express how excited I am. It’s difficult to find the right words, but what I feel for you is an immense amount of happiness.

Being your elder sister, I have known about all the guys you have even remotely liked. There was the high school sweetheart, the guy who was sweet but unattached, the weird tattoo guy, the one with the hot body, the occasional douche, the permanent crapbag, the one you were too good for, and all the flings in between. In time, I saw them come and go. You were clearly not your actual self with any of those guys, but your to-be hubby, my jiju, changed that. When you are with him, you seem comfortable, happy and most importantly, yourself, and that is exactly what matters the most.

Today isn’t just about you and your future hubby but about all of us, as our relationship will change only for the better. We’ve been best friends before I even knew what a best friend was and even had our share of serious ups and downs just like all sisters do. But we always knew that no matter what we said, we would always be there for each other. People think of weddings as a parting of ways. They say that now with a husband in the family picture, we’re never going to see each other. They think that it won’t be like the old days when we were almost inseparable. And to be honest; it will be different, yes, but a good kind of different. I promise.

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You will have your own priorities, a husband and responsibilities to look after. But just like every other thing in the world, you will be able to find your way through these new changes. And not just you alone, but we will be able to surf through these new changes that your wedding will bring about. You might not have as much time to spend with me after you’re married, but I know and you should too, that we’ll always be just a phone call away from each other.

I will lie if I say that you getting married doesn’t scare me in the slightest, because it absolutely does. You’re my baby girl, after all! And now I’m not just going to be a didi to you, but your husband too. It’s a lot of responsibility if you ask me, but I’m super excited to take it on. And since we’re not just sisters but also the bestest of buddies, I am all too happy to welcome a new member to the gang. Just imagine all the fun we’re going to have.

And hey, listen, I know you can be super ziddi, but just know that you’ll both have to make some sacrifices in the course of time. You’ll have to give up watching that sappy rom-com for an India-Pakistan cricket match, and he’ll have to give up his boys night out sometimes just to snuggle in bed with you (don’t make it a habit, though!) But as you will soon realize, it’ll all be worth it. Perfect relationships are not made overnight, you will have arguments, ups and downs, and what not! But I trust you and Mr. Husband to find your way through everything and come out as the coolest couple ever.

So as I sit here in this extremely heavy lehenga (which is easily a hundred kgs, no kidding), I realize that it’s just going to get better than it already is.

Here's to the all the new experiences we'll go through as you take your wedding vows. Trust me, It’s going to be much better than anything we had ever imagined!

Love, forever and always

Your big sister

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