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Just Engaged? Here Are 9 Ways Of Helping Your Fiance Bond With Your Fam!

Just Engaged? Here Are 9 Ways Of Helping Your Fiance Bond With Your Fam!

If you lived in a joint family that could rival the ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ setup, then it is only natural to make sure your beau and to-be husband gets to know the happy clan well. The camaraderie will not only make him aware about all their ‘inside jokes’ but will also make him feel comfortable around them over time. If you are about to get married and would like your fiancé to bond with your family, then these tips would really deepen the ties.

1. Invite him for casual dinners

There is nothing as relaxing as having a good ol’ dinner table conversation with your family. This could ideally be a great chance for him to bond with your family and get to know them better. Who knows, he might even turn up to be your father’s favourite ‘Friday night beer’ partner!

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1 fiance bond with  your husband

2. Make him part of the planning process

We are sure he’ll already be invited to all the major birthday parties and family functions, but it is important for you to make him a part of the behind the scenes action too. Involve him in planning all the major events in your family and trust him with duties.

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3. Share all the important details of your family with him

He is going to be a part of your family soon, so it advisable that you do not hide anything about your family to him and open up about the little secrets you might have. Trust us, he will be honoured at this gesture and will also feel very special.

3 fiance bond with your family

4. Make him a part of all the family group conversations

Whether it is your shaadi planning or the next picnic you are organizing, make him a part of all the family meetings/conversations. This will really help in breaking the ice and will also get him to bond with people from your extended family!

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5. Take him on a family sojourn

Now that he is almost a part of your family, he should very well be invited to the weekend family trips or even long holidays. But make sure you tell him about your travel plans in advance, so that he can coordinate accordingly.

55 fiance bond with your family

6. Take him out with your cousins

You could go on a double date with your cousins, or better still, organize a fun movie to watch over the weekend. By the end of the day, your cousins must have planned many such outings with him without your knowledge!

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7. Relive all the memories with him!

Wouldn’t it be fun to just sit along and binge watch all your childhood videos and family albums together! We suggest, you even tag your parents along in this. Your parents might even shell out all your childhood secrets with him, which will definitely make for a good laugh!

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7 fiance bond with your family

8. Add him to your family ‘WhatsApp’ group

Who doesn’t have a family group on WhatsApp nowadays? We assure you, this step will make him feel most connected to your family. From sharing all the ‘inside jokes’ to the all the shaadi prep, this will keep him on track about everything.

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9. Go for long drives with your immediate family

It certainly need not be the entire family but your mom, dad and sibling would be enough. Surprise him with a long night drive along with your immediate family, instead of just the two of you! It can be an ice-breaker and could even turn into a night-long conversation.

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9 fiance  bond with your family

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Published on Oct 3, 2017
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