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12 Wacky Things You Should Totally Do With Your Bestie!

12 Wacky Things You Should Totally Do With Your Bestie!

From Amrita Rao and Bebo to Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, both Bollywood and Hollywood is full of bestie duos and tales of their crazy adventures. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could start ticking off our own wacky list of must-do’s and create some insanely unforgettable memories with our better halves! After all, it is always sisters before misters for a reason.

1. Dressing up in the same clothes to college #TwinningAlert

From flaunting matching t-shirts and wearing different colours of the same dress to letting your hair down in identical pair of pyjamas, let the all the kids around know that you both are best buds for life.

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2. Prank call the cute boy in class that you both are totally crushing on

Put your sleepovers to good use and prank call that cute boy in class that you just can’t keep your eyes off of. Even better, you two can also leave him an anonymous love note in his bag the next day!

3. Making a dance video on musical.ly and posting it on Instagram together

Best way to spend an otherwise boring weekend with your bestie is to make a dance video on musical.ly and just waltz around the house. The final videos would be a quite a treat to watch, and a few years down the line you’ll giggle as you reminisce the wacky times you two have had together.

3 things to do with your bestie video

4. Plot a secret plan of action with your bestie to get your crush to notice you

After all, your best friend promises to stand by you through thick and thin and everything in between. This means it is absolutely normal, if you and your bestie scheme a master plan to get one of your crushes to fall head over heels for you. *Everything is fair in love and war*

5. An entire day (and night) of binge watching your favourite films

Whether it is in a multiplex or making good use of your Netflix subscription plonked on your couch! Set a new record for the most number of films you have watched back-to-back with each other.

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6. Make your way backstage with your bestie at your favourite band’s concert

Oh what fun it would be to sneak backstage with your best friend and get to see your favourite band’s members, live and up-close. Besides, if you both get a little lucky, you might just be able to even get that prized autograph. And yes, you can thank us later!

6 things to do with your bestie concert

7. Making an insane bucket list to tick off items from, together!

If you haven’t made a list already, then get started right away. From completing a tough fitness challenge to going on an adventure trip, create a list and follow it through.

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8. Have an erotic movie marathon with tubs of popcorn and fries

If you and your bestie don’t have a few naughty secrets that you must keep from the world at all costs, then you need to really rethink your friendship. One way to change things is to do something super kinky together, like having an erotic movie marathon together!

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9. Crash a shaadi, 3 Idiots style

Play dress-up with your bestie by slipping into your lehengas, putting on some make-up and crashing a wedding full Bollywood style. In case someone looks at you suspiciously, just go for the typical, “Ji hum dulhan ke friends hai.

9 things to do with your bestie crashing weddings 

10. Plan a crazy adventure trip together

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara gives us major travel goals when it comes to best friends travelling together. From going for the Sula wine fest, to bungee jumping to learning deep-sea-diving, a crazy adventure trip together with your bestie toh ekdum banta hai.

11. Get Inked together

If you know that your bestie is your soulmate for life, then getting friendship tattoos done is an absolute must. P.S. You’d also need to be okay with enduring a tad bit of pain to stay connected with your bestie for life. Two halves of one heart, the Celtic friendship symbol, two pieces of a puzzle, your options are endless.

12. Your own dusk till dawn pub crawl

One way to do justice to the sisters before misters motto is by planning an insanely fun-filled night with just your bestie! Get all dressed up and head out on an insane pub crawl around town, ticking off all the best nightclubs, sipping funny-sounding cocktails and dancing the night away. Be sure to click a photo at every pub you visit because we fear you might not remember much the next morning! *Winks*

12 things to do with your bestie pub crawl

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