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Fab Hair Don’t Care: Team POPxo Breaks Down Their Favourite Go-To Hairstyles!

Fab Hair Don’t Care: Team POPxo Breaks Down Their Favourite Go-To Hairstyles!

Every girl has a go-to hairstyle that takes is low on time and effort and high on style. Just like the rest of you, the POPxo Beauty team reveals their fave go-to hairstyles and share tips on how to ace them like a pro. From delicate braids to sleek low buns, here’s what we have in store for you!

1. One-sided Dutch Half Braid

1 favourite hairstyles braid

“I love how a braid just changes your entire look with the smallest effort. To achieve this look I part my hair in the middle or a little off centre. I take a small section at the crown and braid one link. After that, I keep adding sections of hair and braid towards my ear. I do this as a Dutch braid (where the sections go under the other sections) but it can also work with a French braid. Once the braid reaches my ear, I tease every individual link of the braid to add volume. Finally, I secure the braid behind my ear with bobby pins. If you like updos, you can gather the rest of your hair in a ponytail or a one-sided messy bun.”

Products I used: Toniq Crystal Wave Bobby Pin Set (Rs 329); Elite Models ABC5116A Fashion Bobby Pins - Black (Rs 319)

- Kannagi Desai, Junior Beauty Editor

2. The Banana Clip High Pony

2 favourite hairstyles pony

“I rarely tie my hair, but when I do, I stick to a high ponytail. I don’t fancy hair ties as much, but I am fond of banana clips. After all, this elongated hair accessory is what makes my curls fall gracefully and stand out. To nail the look, I used a wide-tooth comb to pull all my hair back, then gather the bunch at the crown and use the clip to secure the ponytail. If you’re keen on trying this easy hairstyle, you could use a few bobby pins to make the hairstyle look neat and tidy.”

Products I used: Anokhi ADA Solid Black Plastic Banana Clip for Woman (Rs 100), Elite Models (France) Soft Touch Anti Static Detangling Wide Teeth Hair Comb (Rs 255).

- Sharon Alphonso, Beauty Writer

3. The Sexy Sleek Bun Updo

3 favourite hairstyles low bun

“I usually leave my hair down or get a blow-dry but since it was Fashion Week, I wanted to do something different. Inspired by French chignons and Angelina Jolie’s red carpet looks, I decided to go with the sleek bun. It is ideal for oval and pear face-shaped faces. The best part? It looks better on second or third-day hair. After using a mousse on your hair, tie it into a low ponytail. The most crucial part about this updo is to keep it in place. I sprayed my bobby pins and U-pins with hairspray as well before using them! End it with a spritz of holding spray and serum to give it shine.”

Products I used: Toni&Guy Classic: Shine Gloss Serum (Rs 488), L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold (Rs 1,474).

-Manavi Siddhanti, Beauty Editor, POPxo

4. The Lovely Side Parted Braid

4 favourite hairstyles side braid

“I’m usually pretty bad at styling my hair, a messy bun was my go-to hairstyle until last month! We did a team story on celebrity hairstyles and I’ve been obsessed with this look inspired by Atiya Shetty ever since! All I need to do to get this look is to part my hair slightly off centre, pick up a section of hair and braid it. That’s literally it! This is now my everyday go-to look!”

Products I used: Conair Styling Essentials Bobby Pins (Rs 499), Velvet Hair Ties (Rs 175).

-Nidhi Kavle, Senior Beauty Writer

5. Neatly Combed Out Hair With A Deep Side Part

5 favourite hairstyles bobby pin

“I’m not one to be too experimental with my hair. And as far as hair and make-up looks go, I always prefer to keep it simple and easy. Neatly combed out hair with a deep side part is my go-to hairstyle, be it a night out with friends or a family vacay. However, I will admit that keeping it that way all day requires a bit of effort and some amount of shopping in the hair products section. Investing in a good hair straightener is the first step, of course. I went for the Ghd Gold Professional Styler (Rs 17,396) styler many years ago and it makes getting ready on a daily basis much easier. It also can be used to create a few curls at the ends giving it a defined and volumised look at the bottom.”

Products I used: Moroccanoil Treatment (Rs 2,880), Roots Rosewood Fine Teeth Comb for Fine Long Hair (Rs 175).

- Sakshi Budhraja, Junior Beauty Editor

6. Side braids with a deep middle part

6 favourite hairstyles braid

“Braids are evergreen and I personally love them. Be it get-togethers or events, I go with some or the other braided hairstyle. But this one is my go-to hairdo as it’s super easy and takes less than 5 minutes to do. The best part about this ‘do is, you can easily hide your greasy roots, isn’t that amazing?”

Products I used: BBLUNT Climate Control, Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream (Rs 500); Roots Paddle Hairbrush (Rs 272).

Published on Oct 14, 2017
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