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We Tried Replicating These Celebrity Hairstyles And This Is How It Turned Out

Sharon Alphonso

Beauty Writer

Ladies, don’t you agree that Bollywood divas like Alia Bhatt, Kriti Sanon and Sonam Kapoor, have a great sense of style? Going through their insta feed got the Beauty Team at POPxo inspired to do a fun hairstyle experiment. We decided to replicate celebrity hairstyles and rate them on a difficulty scale from 1-5. We’ve also mentioned a list of products we used for the look. Even though some of the hairstyles look difficult, they really aren’t in reality. In less than 5 mins, your hair too could look like a carbon copy of theirs. Cheggit out!

1. Beauty Editor, Priyanka Ghura Nailed Anusha’s Mohawk Braid Top Knot

1 Replicate celebrity hairstyles

Image: Source

Difficulty Level: ⅗

Time Taken To Achieve The Look: 8 Minutes

Whether it’s French or Dutch braids, I can’t help but get intimidated by anything more complex than a regular 3-section plait. Which is why, when I first attempted it, it was a massive failure. So I roped in our Junior Beauty Editor, Kannagi’s, our in-house braid expert, to help. Dutch braids are a breeze for her and she managed to make my hair look like this in no time. If you’re a pro when it comes to braiding (like Kannagi!), than you shouldn’t find this difficult at all. If you’re like me, I suggest watching a few Youtube tutorials and practicing a few times to get a hang of it.

Your toolkit: Toni&Guy Finishing Shine Spray (Rs 720), Elite Models ABC5116B Fashion Bobby Pins (Rs 399), Brown Fine Teeth Comb for Fine long Straight Hair (Rs 152)

2. Junior Beauty Editor, Kannangi Desai Tried Alia’s Dutch Braid Pigtails

2 Replicate celebrity hairstyles

Image: Source

Difficulty Level: ⅘

Time Taken To Achieve The Look: 7 Minutes

I love braids and experimenting with different ones is definitely something that I have done in the past. But, pigtails are something I haven’t worn since school! This hairstyle is a simple double dutch braid going into 2 pigtails. The only difference here is, the dutch braids and the pigtails are to the back of your head and not to the side. Start by parting your hair in the middle, because of the sheer texture of this hairstyle, it doesn’t matter if it is a neat part or not. Once parted, roughly tie up one section so it doesn’t affect your dutch braid. Take a small section from your temple and start braiding with the sections going under and not over each other. After the first link, keep adding new sections to the braid until you reach the nape or until there aren’t any more sections left to add. Secure the pigtail and do the same to the other section. Once done, take 2 small sections of hair from the bottom of your pigtail and wrap it around to conceal the scrunchie and secure with a bobby pin under your pigtail. Massage the pieces of the braid and pull the ends of the pigtail and tease it to increase volume. Finish with spraying a little hairspray on a toothbrush and brushing it on your hair to tame flyaways.

Your toolkit: Elite Models ABC5104A Fashion Hair Bobby Pins, (Rs 399), Toniq Rubber Band Set (Rs 199) Schwarzkopf Taft All Weather Power Hair Spray Mega Strong (Rs 375)

3. Senior Beauty Writer, Nidhi Kavle Did A Good Job At Trying Atiya’s Single Stranded Braid

3 Replicate celebrity hairstyles

Image: Source

Difficulty Level:

Time Taken To Achieve The Look: 5 minutes

I’m usually pretty bad at styling my hair, so I picked a super easy hairstyle by Atiya Shetty. I prefer to wear my hair down or in a messy bun, but this hairstyle was super chic and more importantly - easy. What makes it better is that this hairstyle is actually perfect for third day hair! All I did was parted my hair slightly off center, and braided one section. This look is actually great for short hair too. I’ve added this to my daily go-to when I’m too lazy to wash my hair and still need to look put together!

Your toolkit: Organix Moroccan Extra Strength Penetrating Oil  (Rs. 725) Elite Models ABC5116A Fashion Bobby Pins - Black (Rs 399).

4. Lifestyle & Beauty Writer, Sharon Alphonso Had A Ball Replicating Sonam’s Wavy Half-Up Bun

4 Replicate celebrity hairstyles

Image: Source

Difficulty Level: ⅖

Time Taken To Achieve The Look: 3 Minutes

Ever since I saw Sonam Kapoor’s photoshoot pictures for Rheson on her insta feed, I knew that I wanted to replicate her hairstyle. It looks bold, fun and pretty. The best part is that it took me just 3 minutes to wrap up the half-up bun. I started by separating the top half of my hair from the bottom half. I secured the top half with a hair tie. After tying a tight ponytail, I twisted the end of the pony around the base. And finally, secured the bun with a couple of bobby pins. Yep, it’s as easy as that!

Your toolkit: Elite Models ABC5116A Fashion Bobby Pins (Rs 399),  Elite Models ABC5109B Fashion Hair Elastic Bands (Rs 299).

5. Beauty Writer & Editorial Coordinator, Sonali Pawar, Wrapped Up The Twisted Half-Up Hairstyle In 5 Minutes!

5 Replicate celebrity hairstyles

Image: Source

Difficulty Level: ⅕

Time Taken To Achieve The Look: 5 Minutes

I guess this is one of the hairstyles that can be done on short hair as well. As you can see I have shoulder-length waves and it was quite easy to make this hairdo. All you have to do is, create a deep middle part and take a small section of your hair from the front. Braid both the sections and pin it up to the back of your head. That’s it! Plus, it’s such a simple do to sport when you haven’t washed your hair and it’s a tad greasy in the front.

Your toolkit: Agaro HC-1129 Instacurl Curler, (Rs 799) Wella Professionals EIMI Perfect Setting Light Setting Lotion Spray (Rs 675)

6. Priyanka’s Second Attempt Was One Of Jacqueline's Hairstyles….

6 Replicate celebrity hairstyles

Image: Source

Difficulty Level:

Time Taken To Achieve The Look: 6 minutes

Jacqueline’s hairstyle is one of those that actually looks more complicated than it is - my favourite kind! All I had to do was take 2 sections on either side of my part, tie them up, combine them into a half ponytail and then gather everything at the bottom for a final ponytail. Of course, you need to conceal the rubber bands as well, using a thin section of hair and bobby pins. The only difference is that her stylist used hair gel for each section, which is how she has defined partings. Since I didn’t want to use any, I skipped that, but if you would like to try it, Wella Professionals Texture Touch Reworkable Matte Clay, which is available on Nykaa would be perfect.

Your toolkit: Wella Professionals Texture Touch Reworkable Matte Clay (Rs 675) Elite Models ABC5101A Fashion Hair Elastic Bands (Rs. 299)

7. Kannagi Also Tried Taapsee’s Twisted Updo And Triumphed!

7 Replicate celebrity hairstyles

Image: Source

Difficulty Level: ⅖

Time Taken To Achieve The Look: 5 Minutes

This twisted updo is one of those classic hairstyles that is perfect for an Indian do and can be achieved in minutes. Here, it is all about the texture. If you have a curly mane your twists will look a lot like braids and if you have a sleek mane it will end up looking a lot more pronounced. To start this hairstyle off, I sprayed some dry shampoo to my roots and massaged it into the scalp. This hairstyle works amazingly well with second day hair. I made a deep side part and moved all of my hair to the right (or where the deeper part was). I took two sections closest to the parting line and twisted the first section over the other, away from my face. Then I took another section closer to my face and twisted it over the first. I kept adding sections twisting away from my face until I reached a little below my ear. I gathered the rest of my hair in a low knot bun. I secured the twists in place with a couple u-pins and pulled on the bun to make it more voluminous. I finished the look with a light hairspray. You could add flowers to your bun or use a hairband which has pretty flowers, the options are endless.

Your toolkit: Elite Models ABC5116A Fashion Bobby Pins - Black, (Rs 399) Toniq Pop Up Rubber Band Set, (Rs 199) Toniq Daisy Fuschia Rubber Band, (Rs 289) Toni&Guy Finishing Shine Spray, (Rs 900); Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus Instant Hair Refresh Divine Dark For Deep Dark Brown Hair (Rs 749)

8. Sonali Also Tried Deepika’s Low-Half Pull Through Bun

8 Replicate celebrity hairstyles

Image: Source

Difficulty Level: ⅖

Time Taken To Achieve The Look: 3 Minutes

Well, this one was quite an easy hairstyle - all I had to do was collect my hair at the back of my head and make a ponytail bun. As you can see, I couldn’t replicate this hairdo exactly because I have short hair and had to make an updo first so that I could get some volume, as well. If you have long hair, then it is going to look gorgeous!

Your toolkit: Toni&Guy Finishing Shine Spray (Rs 720) Toniq Color Blocked Lily Rubber Band Set (Rs 149)

9. Sharon Also Gave Kangana’s Top Knot Bun A Shot!

9 Replicate celebrity hairstyles

Image: Source

Difficulty Level: ⅕

Time Taken To Achieve The Look: 1 Minute

I kid you not, but in exactly 1 minute I managed to wrap up this top knot bun. Although, it isn’t as neat as Kangana’s, I’m kinda happy the way it turned out. To ace this look, I used 2 bobby pins, a hair tie and a hairspray. I started by tying my hair up into a high bun and just before I could secure the bun using my hair tie, I used the end of the pony and wrapped it around the bun. That way, my elastic bun could not be visible.

Your toolkit: Gatsby Set & Keep Hair Spray Ultra Hard (Rs 250) Elite Models ABC5103A Hair Elastic Bands (Rs 299).

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Published on Sep 15, 2017
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