8 Effective Ways To Ask Your Boss For A Promotion At Work

8 Effective Ways To Ask Your Boss For A Promotion At Work

Before you even think of anything else, remember that your primary reason for a raise should NOT just be rent and bills! Managers look for dedicated and dynamic employees; not just another robot mechanically performing the duties assigned to her between 9 to 5, using her salary to live from month-to-month. A promotion at the workplace may be hard to come by naturally, but that should in no way deter you from aiming for the bull’s eye with a whole lotta confidence because you know you deserve it. Here are some useful tips you can follow the next time you ask for a raise at work!

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1. Take initiative and take over more responsibility

If you aim to be a leader, you have to train yourself to take on more than what you currently supervise. Make an impact on your superiors by showing that you can handle much more. Fulfilling those roles, make you a great contender for that promotion on the get-go!

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2. Communicate your success frequently

If your boss doesn’t know you’re doing well, you might as well be a fly on the wall in your organization. A deserving candidate for a promotion, or raise, is one who isn’t afraid to produce conclusive proof of his hard work and capabilities. Shine bright and let them know!

3. Request feedback on your short-term goals

A leader is convinced of his subordinate’s performance when he has a chance to evaluate them, at every step. If you have a plan for the profit of your workplace, communicate the same to your seniors. It gives them a chance to recognise how serious you are about your future with them.

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4. Research your role

You need to assess how you measure up to peers and other individuals performing the same roles as you, in other companies. Make Google your best friend and take a peek into the life of fellow professionals and compare your level of education, skill, and placement to get a fair idea of whether the promotion you’re asking for is justified.

5. Convince yourself you need one!

This may seem like a silly point to take into consideration, but it cannot be stressed enough. A mumbled request into the wind is not going to magically get you that pay raise. Believe in your own achievements and remember that your boss needs your help to help you with your paycheque!

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6. Keep a track record and highlight victories

A consistently high performer in the company can never be overlooked if, on paper, there’s undeniable evidence of his dedicated work. You make your case bulletproof when you have numbers and results backing you up, when you ask for that promotion, as your boss can’t deny you a raise if you have it all out on the table in front of you.

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7. Be prepped for a lot of questions

It’s the boss’ duty to ask you, quite bluntly ‘Why do you deserve the raise?’ The biggest mistake a  candidate makes upon answering this question is mentioning the rent he has to pay, or the family he has to support. Those reasons are strictly obvious to anyone who pays salaries. Convince your boss that you deserve it with merits that you’ve earned as an employee, and the profit you’ve helped rake in, thanks to your hard work. ‘Want’ the raise, friend, don’t ‘need’ the raise!

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8. Don’t be disheartened with a ‘No’!

While we’d all love to believe that there are foolproof methods to guarantee that raise, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. There will always be the fear of rejection dangling over your head that you won’t be able to swipe away. Hold your head up high, and grab the very next opportunity you get!

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