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10 Cute Little Gifts To Cheer Him Up When He's Unwell!

Somya Suresh

Guest Contributor

It’s the season of falling ill! From common cold to viral fever, we’re all catching it and rushing back to the comfort of our beds. But if there is one thing we know for sure, it’s that everyone deserves a little pampering when they’re feeling down and under the weather. And when your boyfriend isn’t keeping well, that extra attention is meant for him! Be it some retail therapy or just a care package to make him smile…it’s all worth it! Here are 10 gifts to cheer him up when he’s not feeling too well!

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 Some Good Ol’ Soup

What’s better than some hot soup to soothe the mind, body and soul? It’s an instant pick me up when you’re sick and will definitely cure any aching muscles and also his throat! Make sure you go along with the soup packet so you can snuggle up under the blanket...on the risk of catching his germs, of course!


1 gifts to cheer him up

A Box Of The Yummiest Chocolates

Chocolates are bound to make him feel happy like a child, instantly! Because who can say no to some crispy, nutty, finger-licking-good chocolate, right? Bring a wide eyed smile to his face with these Ferreros!

Ferrero Rocher

₹599   ₹799   25% off
2 gifts to cheer him up

His Favourite Movies!

Laying in bed can get a bit boring after some time. This is the best time to let him watch reruns of his favourite shows and movies! Go a little old school and gift him a DVD to his favourite movie or show and let him chill undercovers! Perfect way to spend a sick day.


₹1347   ₹1499   10% off
3 gifts to cheer him up

Some Fun Bright Balloons!

Balloons, especially when they’re as cute as these can definitely cheer him up without a lot of effort. Send this to him at his doorstep and be sure to receive at least a dozen kisses for this kind gesture later.


4 gifts to cheer him up

A Mushy Lovey Dovey Card!

Cards never fail to impress. Send him some love and chill pills so he knows it’s time to kick off those shoes and relax for a while!


5 gifts to cheer him up

A Naughty Gift

This one’s a naughty gift to remind him what awaits him when he is healthy and happy once again! Because you know…a friendly reminder is always a great idea!


₹340   ₹400   15% off
6 gifts to cheer him up

Send Him A Cake!

Chocolate cakes are irresistible and more so when he’s sick of eating all that healthy (read bland) food, this will surely make his day. Gift it to him with a cute message or even a funny note! It will crack him up!


7 gifts to cheer him up

Some Board Games!

Have you and your boyfriend forgotten just how fun board games used to be? Well, it’s time to remember again. Spend the weekend just chilling with him playing games. And this naughty one will just be perfect to break the monotony for him!


8 gifts to cheer him up

A Book!

A great book is an even better distraction and this Dan Brown novel is surely amazing. It will keep his mind away ensuring he stays intrigued and engrossed! In case he doesn’t like books, you can gift him his favourite bunch of comics or even magazines.

Dan Brown

9 gifts to cheer him up

A Sweatshirt…

...because he totally needs to keep warm now, doesn’t he? Send him this smart sweatshirt froom KOOVS and let him know he’s always trending in your mind! *wink*


10 gifts to cheer him up

Happy and fast recovery to him!

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Published on Oct 20, 2017
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