12 Types Of Friends We All Have On Our Snapchat

12 Types Of Friends We All Have On Our Snapchat

We are all addicted to Snapchat! Be it the filters, the feature of a five-second image appearing and disappearing, checking out stories by our friends or the discover section, we totally love this app. There are a variety of people on every Snapchatter’s account and we got together a list of all the people you’ll find on yours.

You can definitely tell which of your friends will fall under these categories, and most importantly which one do you belong to?

1. The Storytellers

They are the ones who put endless number of snaps. One after the other, they put up pictures of everything that happens to them during the day. From the morning selfie to the goodnight wish, it takes you ages just to view the entirety of their snap stories.

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2. The Gluten Heads

They are the ones who put pictures of whatever they eat. Pizza, burger, an ice cream, an apple, a cupcake. Feeling hungry already, aren’t you? Well, imagine looking through food pictures every day and not being able to eat it. These gluten heads sure give us food-envy.

2 types of people on snapchat

3. The One Who Is Always In The Car

Well, this is for everyone who travels in the front seat of the car… They play random songs on the car stereo and make videos of them lip-syncing to their favourite songs. Come on, you know who you are!

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4. The Body Builders

Beware of the gym freaks on Snapchat! They love showing off their gym routine! Pictures of their biceps, triceps, shots of them running on the treadmill and obviously the post-workout selfies! They make us hate ourselves, because hey, We can’t gym, we don’t gym! Please stop making us loathe our lives.

4 types of people on snapchat

5. The Party Popper

Well, a party popper goes to every freaking party every freaking night. Yes! They are the party animals and they just can’t afford to miss any party, nope, not happening and we? We just sit at home, viewing their stories bazillion time, thinking about how we’d rather live in our pajamas all our lives.

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6. The Narcissist

They are the people who are obsessed with themselves. Either they take their own pictures all the time or they make other people take their pictures and then post them. Okay, guys, we get it! You have taken Justin Beiber’s advice and went on to love yourself far too much!

6 types of people on snapchat

7. The Artistic One

Yes! We have artists on Snapchat! They are the ones who love playing around with the paint tool on Snapchat. They’ll make moon and stars and water and ice and what not… They’ll paint their faces FFS! Wow! So creative.

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8.The When-In-Doubt-Pout Ones

The people in this category love taking selfies! Selfie in a car, selfie with their food, selfie with a friend and if they don’t find anything or anyone to take a selfie with, they take a selfie of themselves pouting. Yes! They love pouting! Anywhere, EVERYWHERE!

8 types of people on snapchat

9. The Spy

These are the kind of people who’d make videos of you without you actually knowing! Yes, beware of them! They are all around. Probably they are making a video of you right now while you go stuffing your face with junk food!

10. The Travel Junkie

They are somehow always travelling. They’ll post pictures of all the exotic places they have been to, just to make us jealous. No doubt their pictures are amazing and it makes us want to go on a trip, but no we can’t. We are stuck with our colleges/offices! *sad*

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10 types of people on snapchat

11. Music “Player”

They will not post any picture on their Snapchat except a black background, a smiley and a song playing in the background. Why tho?

12. The Filter Lover

This is the kind which we are sure everyone has on their Snapchat list! The filter lover! This person tries every filter on Snapchat! Face swap? Done. Dog Filter? Done. Weird Face Stretching. Done? They are the most active users of Snapchat and are always up-to-date with all the Snapchat updates.

12 types of people on snapchat

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