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Getting Married To A Marwari? 13 Amazing Things You MUST Know About Them!

Getting Married To A Marwari? 13 Amazing Things You MUST Know About Them!

If you’re getting married to a marwari, you should definitely know all the awesome things that come along with them and their (huge) family. Don’t think Marwaris are all about the money, guys! Chances are that you have heard this stereotype at least once in your life! Actually, there are many things that make them the most adorable and happy bunch to be around. Read on to find out what they are...

1. You will be pampered with clothes, jewellery and lots of love…

Marwaris treat their daughters and daughters-in-law like princesses. They love bringing them new clothes and lots of jewellery! You will be pampered like never before once you become their bahu.

1-married to a marwari-caprese handbag

They also love receiving gifts! You can totally bond with your sister-in-law by gifting her this super gorgeous handbag from Ajio. And it’s just for Rs 2,339!

2. There will be a lot of food, everywhere, always!

No kidding! Marus love their daal baati churmas and gatte ki sabzi. These dishes are not only prepared on special occasions, but mostly on an everyday basis also.

3. A lot of your cousins will find prospective partners at your wedding - courtesy overexcited relatives!

Although cupid can really strike anywhere, the rishta networks here seem stronger than any other shaadi ever. All your friends or cousins who are of a marriageable age are likely to land themselves a proposal by the time your wedding celebrations come to an end.

3-married to a marwari-excited relatives

4. Applying mehendi is like an everyday thing for them

Yes, it really is! Marwari women, especially moms and grandmoms just love applying mehendi on any opportunity. And their love for it is so infectious, that you will fall for it too (sooner or later!)

5. They have huge families, and they all LOVE to socialize, so you should be ready to do that too!

One, they have huge families, and two, they just love socializing with all their relatives. So better be prepared for impromptu family get-togethers, planned vacations, lots of functions and your house being full of people on a regular basis.

4-married to a marwari-truffle collection sandals

For all the socializing you’re going to be doing after your wedding, you need some comfy yet stylish pair of heels. These embroidered beige sandals from Jabong will go perfectly with all your outfits. At just Rs 2.100... they are quite a killer!

6. High on customs, never on alcohol!

Another thing about them is that alcohol is not their cup of tea. They are, by nature, a crazy bunch and can have loads of fun without any intoxication.

6-married to a marwari-deepika padukone gifs

7. Marwaris take their weddings seriously, especially the sangeet!

This is true; they take their dance performances damn seriously, and since you’re going to be a part of their family soon, you should hone your dancing skills too!

3-married to a marwari-blush pink lehenga

They love getting dressed and so should you! This awesome lehenga we found on Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop will make you look effortlessly gorgeous on your sangeet. Get it for Rs 40,500.

8. The godh bharai, myra and mama bhaat is VERY elaborate

Coming to that, Marus never step back when it comes to gifts. Each and every custom that involves gifting their families and relatives is done with a lot of fervour and love.

9. They love everything grand, so be prepared for a lavish wedding

Minimalism is just not their thing! They are a lover of luxury. Don’t be surprised if they have over 100 dishes prepared for the wedding, or they spend lakhs of rupees on their clothes and jewellery. It’s just how they roll!

9-married to a marwari-indian weddings gif

10. Their functions are a colour fiesta

Bright splash of colour and vibrancy go hand in hand in all of their wedding functions. From the clothes, to the decor, to even their food, everything is just like a shiny colour bomb that always lightens up the shaadi environment.

5-married to a marwari-gota jewellery

Add a dash of colour to your mehendi attire by pairing this super cute gota and pom-pom necklace with your outfit. Get it on Myntra for ONLY Rs 179 (It’s on sale!)

11. Marwaris are an amazingly well dressed lot

They know their food well and their outfits even better. You will never find even a single person in your family (or extended family) who is a shabby dresser. It’s not just only about expensive clothes, they like being prim and proper at all times.

12. They are not money-minded, they just know its worth…

Marwaris do not believe in wasting money. Yes, they do spend a lot on weddings, but that is because it gives them happiness. But spending on random things is not something they do.

12-married to a marwari-saving money gifs

13. Inke khane mein chicken ka kuch nahi hai…

Marwari households are pure vegetarian arenas. Their homemade vegetarian delicacies are so yummy, you’d hardly ever miss your chicken tikkas! Even if you do, you’ll always be free to enjoy a hearty meal of butter chicken and naan whenever you’re out, but inside the house? Nope, nope!

2-married to a marwari-vegetarian cook book

Since, they do not eat non-veg food, how about learning some cool vegetarian recipes which you and your hubby can cook together? Here’s an amazing cook book which we found online that can help. Get it on Amazon for Rs 730.

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