7 Little Things *You* Can Do To Get A Mind-blowing Female Orgasm!

7 Little Things *You* Can Do To Get A Mind-blowing Female Orgasm!

Many women take a little longer than men to achieve the big O! While that might be true in some situations, we’d certainly love to get there eventually! So, if you’re wondering how to get an orgasm (alone or with a partner) then here are 7 little things to start with!

Tip 1 for Female Orgasm: Know about your body

The first rule to a great female climax is to make sure you know how your body works. Explore every nook and corner and see which pleasure points are most sensitive to touch. This will surely increase the chances of having an orgasm!

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Tip 2 for Female Orgasm: Learn the basics first

Never jump the gun when it comes to orgasms. It’s good to get a sense of what the process is like and what turns you on so that you can get there faster!

Tip 3 for Female Orgasm: Get some help?

When your partner is not around, some good ol’ erotica (books, films or both) should do the trick! This is how to get an orgasm while you are alone!

Tip 4 for Female Orgasm: Get rid of all the distractions around you

You know, a lot of times you can’t really focus which in turn does not give you great orgasms or takes longer to get there. Get rid of all the tiny little distractions (turn that phone on silent) around you so that you can relax and actually focus on things.

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Tip 5 for Female Orgasm: Try adding a little bit of lube to your trials

Sometimes, a lot of people fail to get to the climax because the area is probably too dry. This can also lead to unusual pain during sex. Use a little bit of lube to make sure you get there easily and quickly!

Tip 6 for Female Orgasm: Some electronic assistance, please?

A vibrator can be your new best friend, ladies! *winks*

Tip 7 for Female Orgasm: Try out specific techniques

It’s easy! Experiment a little with positions when with your partner or techniques when alone. Pick the one that suits you best and repeat!

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