10 Places Your Man Should Touch You During Sex!

10 Places Your Man Should Touch You During Sex!

The power of touch is amazing! While we’ve told you where and how to touch your boyfriend’s erogenous zones, there are places we, women, crave to be touched too. Having your boyfriend explore your body or touch you all over just adds to the pleasure! Here are 10 places your man should touch you during sex and you should ask him to (because really there is nothing embarrassing about it). You’ll love them all, trust us!

1. Your Shoulders

Surprisingly, shoulders make for an amazing place to touch and kiss. Once he’s done with the neck, he can kiss on either side of your shoulder. An easy way to instantly spice things up!

1 places your man should touch you - shoulder kissing

2. Behind Your Ears

Ask for a kiss right at the back of your ears. Do you know how sensitive that area is? It’ll feel so amazing and will turn you right on.

3. The Neck

The nape of the neck and back of the neck are most definitely one of the top erogenous zones for us ladies! Him kissing you or running his fingers lightly on your neck will be THE BEST!

4. Your Lips

Kind of an obvious one, but somehow, women love kissing way more than men do. While kissing is super important to build intimacy, it is also one of the most important things for sexual arousal.

4 places your man should touch you - biting lips

5. Your Breasts

Another obvious one. Did you know some women can have orgasms from nipple stimulation alone? Don’t you want that for yourself? Go ahead and ask your man to touch you there, it’ll be a treat for both of you!

6. Inner Thighs

Another extremely sensitive area, because of how close it is to your ‘lady parts’ - your inner thighs is where you want him to kiss you. It will build excitement and anticipation for what is coming up next and it is SO hot!

7. Down Your Back

You know the phrase ‘shivers down the spine’? Yeah, it exists for a reason. The back and the spine happen to be extremely erogenous zones because of the number of nerve endings that exist there.

7 places your man should touch you - kissing back

8. Your Waist

The curve of your waist is an interesting area for him to touch. Let him run his hands on the curve and feel every movement that he makes!

9. The Wrists

The inner side of the wrist is covered with a very sensitive layer of skin, which is why it is really responsive to touch. You might have seen it in movies as well when the hero kisses the heroine on the inner wrist. Instant turn-on!

10. Behind The Knee

This is a surprising erogenous zone, but it is one nonetheless. It is, like all sensitive areas, filled with so many nerve endings that it is extremely sensitive to touch. So don’t let him forget that hidden gem.

10 places your man should touch you - kissing knee

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